RNYC Sailing Prize Giving 2017

The Annual RNYC Prize Giving was held last Saturday evening the 19th August 2017 in the Trafalgar Room. Special thanks to the Rear Commodore – Mr Hans Dettman for his contribution to sailing over the past two years and for hosting the prize giving on Saturday night.

Thank you also to Amy Pennnels for assisting with the decor and flower arrangements, the room looked stunning.

Grateful thanks and appreciation to Clive van Reenen for taking all the lovely photographs.

The prize winners are as follows:


Trafalgar Pursuit Race

Overall –                 1st Bellatrix                        Greg Hurter                    Jack Grice Memorial


RNYC Summer Offshore Series   – 13/11/2017  

Race 1                    1st  Southern Storm         Warren Clark                  John Hunt Cup

2nd Zap

3rd Flyer

RNYC Summer Offshore Series – 18/12/2016

Race 2                    1st  Zap                              Graham Rose                 Royal Natal Yacht Club Cup

2nd Southern Storm

3rd Flyer

R B Townsend Memorial Race – 22/01/2017

Division A               1st  Ffigjam        Patrick Harris/Jeremy Kriek           Frank Grey Memorial Trophy

2nd Zap

3rd Flyer

Division B               1st She Myra                      Frans van Oers               Michael Goolam Trophy


Squadron Series – Race 1 Commodore’s Cup  – 19/02/2017

Division A –            1st Zap                                Graham Rose                 RNYC Commodore Cup

2nd Flyer

Squadron Series – Race 2 Brighton Beach Backline – 19/03/2017

Division A –            1st Zap                                Graham Rose                 Leo Caney Trophy

2nd Sundance

Squadron Series – Race 3 Umdloti Mayor’s Race  –  02/04/2017

Division A

1st Zap                     Graham Rose                 Hartley Cup

2nd Nimrod            Pat Boase                       Bill Piddington (Over 60)


Squadron Series – Race 4 Greyhound Race – 25/06/2017

Division A –

1st Flyer                   Brad Rayson                   RNYC 1st 1985

2nd Ladybird

Squadron Series – Race 5 There & Back 16/07/2017

Division A –            1st Flyer                              Brad Rayson                   Eric Abe Bennington Trophy

2nd Nimrod


Division A –

1st  Zap                                Graham Rose                 Royal Yacht Squadron Trophy 1923

2nd Flyer

3rd Nimrod

Divison B –

1st Sundance                     Ian Gordge                     Military Honorary Members 1901

2nd Mafuta


Wednesday Night Fun Sailing 

DRS Results

Division A –

1st          Therapy                                      Harper Trophy

2nd          Tequila Sunrise

3rd          Bellatrix

Divsion B

1st              Vent du Cap                             J W Leuchars Trophy

2nd         Bellissima

Division E

1st            She Myra                                  DYC Rocking Horse

2nd          Candi

Multihulls –

1st          Ladybird                                   Sayra 1967


Wednesday Night –  IRS Results

1st          Therapy                        RNYC Commodores Cup –  IRS Results

2nd          Bellatrix

3rd          Zap



Summer Series                        

FF15 –                                          Myles White

Laser                                            Campbell Alexander                               Summer Series Laser


Flying Fifteen Championships

FF15                                             Patrick Harris / Jeremy Kriek                RNYC Season Flying Fifteen Overall


70th Anniversary Race in Cowes UK

FF15  1st                                      Campbell Alexander /Jeremy Kriek      Queen Victoria Jubilee Cup

Catamaran Series


Woza Friday

1st                Richard Potgieter                        Woza Cup

2nd                Phil Downing

3rd                Neil Wadsworth

Waterfront Catamaran Series

Combined              1st                Neil Wadsworth                           Waterfront Trophy

                  2nd                Graham Weyer

                  3rd                Phil Downing

October Fest 2016

1st                Neil Wadsworth                           Diane Wadsworth Trophy

2nd                Coert Grobbelaar

3rd                Gavin Wadsworth


Halcat Regional Championships – Held July 2017                  

1st                Neil Wadsworth                           KZN Halcat Provincial Championships

2nd                Rob Samways

3rd                Bill Ellens


1ST                      Rowan Price

2nd                     Brad Rayson

3rd                      Rob le Roux

4th                      Patricial Kilburn

5th                      Chris Coxen

6th                      Greg Donkin

7th                      Cindy Trathern

8th                     Taine Steytler

9th                      Gabriel Pennels

10th                       Michael Boorman


Taine Steytler

Gabriel Pennels

Mathew Beckett



Mfundo  Luthuli

Siyethemba Nzama

Thokozani Maseko

Nthokozo Maseko

Sanel Mcineka

Sizwe Gumede

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