Durban Storm

The storm which devastated Durban on Tuesday was unprecedented, with sustained winds recorded of over 90 knots, coming from 2700 due west; it is remarkable that the carnage in Durban Marina was not worse. While the port battled with a number of ships breaking their mooring lines and drifting free in the bay the marina staff battled to save the walkon moorings from breaking. With the strong winds coming from the wrong direction and outside the prevailing wind direction of either north east or the south west the enormous loads strained mooring lines and cleats beyond their limits. At the height of the storm while the Clubhouse sustained only moderate damage and flooding the bay resembled something out of a horror movie with a tangled mess of boats of all descriptions all rafted up together with concerned owners and volunteers braving the driving rain while trying to insert fenders and take up or replace broken lines to relieve the pressure points. The unselfish efforts of all those involved certainly prevented further disaster and what followed during the cleanup operation was even more remarkable as everyone banded together to restore the marina. The marina staff preformed a superb job working late into the night securing and stabilizing the marina. Members of the yachting community pitched in to secure boats and the Club generously kept everyone refreshed with hot coffee and chicken soup staying open throughout the night. Over the following few days some order has finally been restored with most boats back on their usual moorings thanks to the outstanding efforts of the Durban Marina staff and Subtech divers. At times like this it is wonderful to witness the cooperation and true community spirit of the yachting community.

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