Amakati Report

Report on Amakati sailing exploits this past weekend


Woza Friday Winter Special  22nd July

 We sailed a great Woza with 2 races sailed and 7 boats on the water. We also had a 3rd race which became a non-event as some of the sailors changed the course on the water and never informed the Race Committee! (Course changes can’t be done by the sailors. Only the Race Committee can authorise course changes.)


Between Sandy Samways, Gavin Wadsworth and Coert Grobbelaar, we covered the Race Officer duties,  as amongst all this Shawn Hamblin needed rescue after capsizing and failing to right his boat during the first race. I took the RNYC’s “Bruce Townsend” out to effect rescue with Deejay Latha and Gavin Wadsworth on-board. Gavin went swimming to help Shawn, whilst Deejay and myself used the Committee Boat to pull the Halcat upright.


Neil Wadsworth had a clean sweep of 2 firsts in the completed/legal races sailed with a 3 way tie break for 2nd position that gave Richard Potgieter 2nd place. (See results on web page.)


It was in this confused 3rd race that Neil Wadsworth had a capsize and once again dislocated his arm,(from a previous sailing accident), so he was one big casualty of the day. Gavin once again went to the rescue and secured Neil’s boat that had washed up on the Wilson Wharf beach. Neil’s wife Linda Wadsworth actually drove to Wilsons Wharf and went into the water to rescue Neil, then she took him to hospital! (It must be love?!)


An interesting if not chaotic evening, but fun “none the less”.



Forthcoming Events.


Oyster Box offshore race for Keelers Sunday 31st July.

With Neil Wadsworth injured, he won’t be sailing, but I know for a fact, pending really adverse weather and sea conditions, that Graham Weyer, Andy Brown, Richard Potgieter and myself will be sailing this on our Darts and Halcats. I’m sure the Gavin and Geetje Wadsworth will also sail? For the rest of you, the invitation is there.


We will make the necessary arrangement for Galaxy with Alec McNamara and Moses  to escort the fleet of catamarans, sailing with the keelers, on this long distance race to Umhlanga Rocks and back. The turning mark is planned to be set off the Oyster Box, hence the name of the race.


See you Sunday for this event with launching down the slipway and sailing back in on a high tide.


SAS KZN Grand Slams, Saturday 6th August to Tuesday 9th August 2016

 A reminder that this event is scheduled over the 4 days as stated above. Tuesday is a public holiday.


Halcats will sail under the RNYC Bridge in the Harbour and Darts and Hobies will sail under the PYC Bridge offshore. Should be a great event!


NOR is posted on Notice Board.


 See you on the water and around the club for “Serious Catamaran Sailing and Awesome Fun”.

 Rob Samways

By Gayle