Rob SamwaysDear Amakati,

Report on Amakati exploits this past weekend

PYC’s Anniversary Mug. This past Saturday 14th May at 14:00

An excellent event we had. A total of 6 Darts and 2 Halcats entered from RNYC, joining various other dinghy’s, with other catamarans being a Hobie 16, 4x Hobie 14s, 3 more Halcats and a Hobie Tiger for the event.

Whilst the pursuit race solutions did not pan out as intended (pursuit racing is not an exact science and varying wind strengths skew outcomes), those who sailed still enjoyed a fantastic days sailing. Neil Wadsworth won the Darts with Richard Potgieter taking line on Halcats.

Well done and thank you to the PYC organisers for an enjoyable day.

RNYC Squadron Series “Brighton Beach Backline Race”. This past Sunday 15th May at 11:00.

This annual offshore distance race forming part of the “Royal Squadron Series”,  is primarily targeted at Keelboats. However, the Amakati did make representation to the RNYC Sailing Committee to permit the entry of small racing Catamarans into the event, to be scored independently from the Keelboats in their own handicap rating class, thus permitting different classes and variations therein to race in the event. Further, Scorpio with Alec McNamara and Moses were assigned to escort the catamarans in and out of harbour, as well as monitoring their progress on the race course. For this we thank all those involved.

The wind forecast during the week leading up to this event was never great. We expected a light wind event and with RO Carol Ferguson failing to speak to, or convincing higher order deities that more wind would be preferable, we did end up with the forecast 4 – 7 knots Easterly going SE’terly during the race.

The race distance was shortened due to the expected low wind speeds which was a good thing for the slower boats.

A total of 7 Keelboats and 6 Catamarans entered. Stuart Ritchie’s latest “up to date IRC optimised” racing yacht, CFM, sailed her first race under his ownership, taking line honours in an elapsed time of 1 hour and 8 minutes and 24 seconds, closely followed by myself on a Dart cat rig sailing single handed with asymmetrical spinnaker in under 2 minutes later. Gavin Wadsworth sailing with Geertje Wadsworth on their Dart 18, came in 6 minutes later after me, with Graham Weyer having an excellent race on his Dart cat rig single handed coming in 4 minutes after Gavin. Neil Wadsworth also sailing Dart cat rig, suffered from sea sickness during the race, finished behind Graham followed then by the Halcats of  Richard Potgieter and Andy Brown. The second Keelboat crossed the line some 30 minutes behind CFM and just under a minute before Andy on his Halcat!

Many thanks to all the organisers. Thanks to Warren Clark for sponsoring prizes. It was a beautiful sunny day and an enjoyable sail down the coast of the Bluff, where we were treated to dolphins, checking out what the other mammals were doing.

See link to results here:


Forthcoming Events.

 RNYC Mid-Winter Dinghy Series incorporating the Amakati Mid-Winter Series, Saturday’s  21st , 28th May and 4th June starting at 14:00

This Saturday is the first race day of the Mid-Winter Series. The difference between the 2 in 1 series here is that in the Dinghy Series you are scored in classes only on scratch where 3 or more of a class division exist. Example, Laser std, radial, Halcat single and double, Dart 18 and Dart 18 Cat rig, Hobie 14 and Hobie Turbo etc. The boat is the entered entity linked to the skipper. Change boat and you constitute a new entry.

In the Amakati Series you are racing against the entire catamaran fleet on the SCHRS handicapping system, where the skipper only is the entered entity and may change boats, class, setups and crew configurations between race days. If it can be rated on SCHRS, it can be raced and you can see how well you fare in your new developments, such as the new F14s in the pipe line.

See link to NOR here:


So, I hope to see you on the water and around the club for “Serious Catamaran Sailing and Awesome Fun”.

Rob Samways


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