Amakati Sailing Report – 3 July 2016

Rob Samways 20.03.2016Dear Amakati,

Report on Amakati sailing exploits this past weekend

Waterfront Winter Series Catamaran Racing. This past Sunday 3rd July

As you may know, the weather was awful on Saturday with a cold front blowing through and wind speed over 25 knots. So a decision was made to postpone racing to the next day on Sunday and starting a little later.

However, only the real “hard core” sailors of RNYC pitched, being Graham Weyer, Andy Brown and myself. Our Race Officer/s of the day being Sandy Samways and Alec McNamara, were not so keen to go out for such a small fleet, so after an invitation from Bill Ellens and Ron Pet, we joined in the MSC Week “tune up” race in the harbour starting at 14:00.

We (our small group of Amakati) started with the A Division Racing Keelboats and Micro Multihulls, where by accident I was accidently rammed from the rear on the start line and driven against the committee boat. Luckily no serious damage was done and I managed to catch up and overtake Graham and Andy on the first beat. This did not last long, as on the first downwind leg I got into the lee of “N” Shed and Graham astutely sailed wide in a puff of breeze and disappeared ahead, never to be caught again. I came in second in our group with Andy experiencing a collapsed pylon in his Halcat, but still managing to finish the race.

We had a great day sailing. You missed a lot!

Forthcoming Events.

Waterfront Catamaran Racing. Waterfront Winter Special on Sunday 17th July. (final race day in series)

The last and second day of this series will be sailed on Sunday in a fortnight time, when the tidal range is perfect for sailing.

Graham Weyer will be away, I’ll be back from Lipton Cup, Andy Brown is borrowing Grahams boat as his is broken, so, in essence the series begins again as I’m going to sail a Halcat. Everyone who sailed this past Sunday is entering on a new boat entry.

With this in mind, it would be “nice” if more of you make an effort to come sailing. Andy and I will definitely be there!

Woza Friday Winter Special 1 22nd July and Special 2 on 5th August.

Phil Downing will closer to the time, be communicating with you all regarding your entry into this short series. With the days getting longer it was decided we should insert a “pre-season” Woza Winter 2 Friday Special Series. The tides are just right for these two planned Woza Fridays with high tides just before 17:30 on both sailing days with a consecutive Full then New Moon occurrence between 2-3 days before these sailing dates. This means great tidal heights, at the right time for racing. Hopefully we will also have just the right wind too?

Oyster Box offshore race for Keelers Sunday 31st July.

I know for a fact, pending really adverse weather and sea conditions, that Graham Weyer, Andy Brown, Richard Potgieter and myself will be sailing this on our Darts and Halcats. I’m sure the Wadsworth’s will also sail? For the rest of you, the invitation is there.

We will make the necessary arrangement for Scorpio to escort the fleet of catamarans, sailing with the keelers, on this long distance race to Umhlanga Rocks and back. The turning mark is planned to be set off the Oyster Box, hence the name of the race.

More on this closer to the time.

August AGM and election of Sailing Committee member for Catamarans.

The RNYC Amakati need to start discussing amongst themselves who will be their candidate for standing on the incoming Sailing Committee for election in August. The incumbent will be tasked with the promotion and organisation of all catamaran related activities in the club, including the writing of this weekly report, a report that takes time to compile,  which  the majority of you don’t read!

I shall not be standing for election to this committee in the new season, as new blood and vision is needed. However, I will out of loyalty to our Rear Commodore, assist only as a co-opted member in a consulting capacity. This may include assisting with catamaran events, but then only if my efforts in arranging events are supported.

See you on the water and around the club for “Serious Catamaran Sailing and Awesome Fun”.

Rob Samways


By Margie