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Nautical Trivia by “Fonz” – Beaufort Wind Scale

Quaffters Version: Force 0: Sails hanging limp. Tiller tends itself. Force 1: Beginning pressure on sails. If sheet is eased out, the tiller still tends itself. Force 2: Sails flapping in the breeze, and boat drifting to leeward. Sheets must be tightened and one hand put on the tiller. As the wind fills the sails, […]

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2018/2019 Membership Fees

Dear Members, It’s that time of the year when we need to evaluate membership fees with our year end imminent at the end of May. After careful consideration your general committee has sanctioned the following fees for the 2018/2019 year Platinum R4 000.00 Gold R2 350.00 Gold Spouse R3 525.00 Silver R1 450.00 Bronze R  […]

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Calling all Youth (18 to 35 years old)

Manager’s message – 18-35 year old meeting 2 June 2018 Calling all 18-35 year old members to please attend a meeting in the Foredeck on Saturday, 2 June at 10am.  I’ve been chatting to those of you who have been around the club lately and also asked that you please spread the word and let’s […]

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Peter says “The Magic of Vasco”

During one of the late nights at the RNYC pub one of the members suggested we do the Vasco on ‘Magic’. We then started preparing the boat for a race only one of our 4 crew had done before. After three weeks we thought were ready only to have our gear box packed up the […]

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ICoYC Feedback

Durban KwaZulu-Natal Convention Bureau – under the auspices of Tourism KwaZulu Natal and with the backing of South African National Convention Bureau (SANCB) (part of SA Tourism) sponsored RNY Club Manager Meleney Cunniff to attend the International Council of Yacht Clubs Forum in San Francisco recently.  The delegates had a packed program discussing Evolution vs […]

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