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RNYC Broadcast Messages

Dear Members. As some of you may have seen the club sends out posters and reminders on Whats App Broadcasts. If you don’t receive these messages please add our number to your contacts list. RNYC Broadcast 065 131 0104 If you still don’t receive our Whatsapp messages after you’ve added our number, contact me on […]

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Nautical Trivia by Fonz – Broadside

Deliver a Broadside A broadside was the simultaneous firing of the guns and/or canons on one side of a war ship. Quite a blow, as can be imagined. Today it means much the same type of all-out attack, though done (usually) with words

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Safe Foods at RNYC

Following the news of which processed products are to blame for the Listeria outbreak in South Africa, we want to clarify that this has not affected RNYC. We do not carry cold meat products on our menu except for breakfast ham which we purchase from Dirks Butchery in Davenport. We do not purchase processed cold […]

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Barry Cull’s visit to RMYS

Senior member Mr Barry Cull recently travelled to Australia to visit family and while in Melbourne he took the time to visit the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron. The Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron is a fellow member of the International Council of Yacht Clubs (ICoYC) and we enjoy reciprocal privileges when visiting. Although the weather was […]

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Scuttlebutt Article – Eight Bells: HKH Prince Hendrik

As some members may have noticed, the Danish flag and the Kongelig Dansk Yacht Club flags have both been lowered to half mast on Tuesday the 13th February 2018. The reason being His Royal Highness Prince Henrik passed away on February 13, 2018 at the age of 83, at Fredensborg Castle, surrounded by the royal […]

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