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Message from the Galley

What is the nautical equivalent of trial by fire?  That is exactly what the long weekend was like for me here at the Club.  A big thank you for the warm welcome and the offers of help and support from so many members.  I will be taking you up on those offers and encourage the […]

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UKZN Celebrates World Oceans Day

If there were no oceans, there would be no life on earth. All of our rain comes from the ocean – no oceans, no rain. No rain, no forests, no crops, no anything … These are the words of lecturer in UKZN’s School of Life Sciences, Dr David Glassom, who was speaking at a World […]

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The GINA oceanographic experiment

Notice to all Sailors Some self-directed robotic Gliders, the Waveglider and Seaglider  which use two-way communication to relay data back to shore will be deployed off Richards Bay in mid-June and will collect valuable information on currents and a range of water parameters en route to Port Elizabeth. The gliders are controlled remotely by pilots […]

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Fouling of yachts

  Fouling of yachts – a headache for yacht owners and authorities alike. The fouling of yachts is problematic for yacht owners, costing them time and money to keep their boats clean. While traditional anti-fouling paints were quite effective, they leached such large amounts of a toxic chemical known as TBT into the water, that […]

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Harbour Masters Regulations – Pleasure and Commercial Craft

HARBOUR MASTERS REGULATIONS- PLEASURE AND COMMERCIAL CRAFT   Following a meeting with the Port Authorities, the Harbour Master has sent out a list of Port Regulations for all Pleasure and Commercial craft. In the interest of sailing, we would be pleased if you would take note of these regulations so that all can continue to […]

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