Club Patronage

Fellow members. Our club business model is based on an expected level of patronage by members. This allows us to provide full service, seven days a week at reasonable prices.


We have become used to this availability and reasonable pricing and I am sure you will agree we need to protect this and ensure it continues in perpetuity.


Of late we have experienced a reduction in patronage.


There are two major causes, namely the weather and the economy.


Whilst the economy is a factor, our major challenge is adverse weather.


Of late, this has had a severe impact on the financial viability of the club.


It is for this reason that I appeal to you to continue to support the club and make an effort to use the facilities even in inclement weather


As members it is in our collective interest to ensure the financial viability of the club and by so doing ensure we are able to contain prices and membership fee increases.


So fellow members, see you at the club.


Vice Commodore


Keith M Brodie

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