Special thank you to Janine Zietsman and her team, for their hard work trying to make a difference to the environment.  Janine recruited some of the cubs and scouts and had a fun day working hard and cleaning up the waterfront area in front of RNYC.

Janine reported as follows:

A few weeks I took a walk on Warren Beach and noticed an excessive amount of litter that had washed up onto the beach after recent storms. Although some attempt was made by the eThekwini municipality, to clean up the beaches, little could prevent the eyesore it still created.

Shortly afterward we read of the Durban Harbour Cleanup day, created by Dale Johnson and Caroline Reid on a community Facebook page. It sparked an interest as being a good way to give back to our environment. We recruited a few friends and met at the Royal Natal Yacht Club who were the hosts of the event.

After receiving some generous donations, such as refuge bags, gloves, clothing from eThekwini Municipality we got down to the ‘dirty’ work. The greatest pollutant we found to be was polystyrene, which had been broken into a million pieces after being exposed to the elements. We also spent time digging out plastic packets embedded into the ground and in between the rocks.  It took us about 3 hours to clean only a small section, but the end results were very rewarding. The things we found were interesting as well as disturbing.

Although the saddest realization was that when the tide came in the area most likely will be polluted once again. We will certainly return to do another cleanup, but we appeal to everyone to make smarter choices when you purchase items. Think twice before you pay that 30 cents for a shopping bag or take extra plastic spoons, straws or take away containers and recycle where possible.

Janine Zietsman

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