Entertainment Committee

Christmas in July1Last Friday the club held a “Christmas in July” function which was well attended. Steve Rawlins and his team put on a fantastic event. The meal was exceptional and we danced to music by Kate Vink.

Events such as these add value to you the member. In order to continue to add value to your membership, we need to schedule more events at the club. As a result we have formed an entertainment committee comprising Mesdames Wendy Williams, Geertje Wadsworth and  Hayley Veschini-Schmitz.

These ladies have graciously volunteered to assist Margie Harris with planning future events.

If you wish to get involved in suggesting or planning future events, please contact one of these ladies. The more participation we have the more successful this initiative will become.

Your support will be appreciated. So we encourage you to get involved.


Vice Commodore

Keith Brodie

By Gayle