Halcat Provincials held at Island Sailing Club


Island Sailing Club hosted a successful Halcat provincials on the 12th and 13th November. The fleet was just short of 20 competitors registered for the event that was sailed over the two days.

Upon request and hugely appreciated by ISC and all who participated, was Hemraj Gokal & Stuart Ritchie assisting on GALAXY with Rob Bell as R/O. Thank you for the well-run event. A special note of appreciation was mentioned by ISC Commodore Roy Close.

Day one’s racing was marred by a strong storm which saw the fleet take refuge on the sandbanks with some spectacular Gybing skills exhibited by Phil and a very fast capsize by Steve in at least 30knotts of wind. The balance enjoyed a chilly lunch and a nerve-racking display of lighting from the side. Racing got under way again with a very much thinned out fleet and once complete, the rest’s tacking skills were honed on a tough return to ISC.

Day two saw better racing conditions, with the casualties of day one taking the day off to recover but it was not without some drama. Traffic resulted in a few delays and Neil saw the better part of one race from the wrong side of the trampoline. (so did I, but having so much practice in recovering from that predicament, managed to finish the race) Awesome comradery was displayed with Graham assisting Neil in the recovery. In an unfortunate sequence of events during the following start Neil took a direct hit from Rob avoiding Graham, resulting in Neil’s retirement and another weekend project to complete on 101! Neil was dong exceptionally well on the scoreboard until that point.

All in all a great weekend sailing and congratulations to Rob Samways taking the cup!

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