SASKZN Preliminary – Notice of Annual General Meeting

Dear SA Sailing KZN Members



NOTICE OF MEETING:  Saturday, 24 June 2017

 The Annual General Meeting of the members of SA Sailing KZN will be held in the Henley Midmar Yacht Club on Saturday, 24 June 2017 at 10h30.



The purpose of the preliminary notice is to notify SA Sailing KZN members of the annual general meeting and invite submissions of any special motions for the AGM which must be received by the SA Sailing KZN office by the 24 of May 2017.

If you wish to have a special motion or proposal to be discussed at the meeting please would you e‑mail any special motion or proposals to Runa van Rooyen or deliver them to the SA Sailing KZN office.


The main purpose of the AGM is the election of office bearers.  These include

  • Trustees (2)

The two current trustees are Vernon Goss and Willie Vandeverre

  • Executive Committee

The Executive Committee comprises:

  • Chairman :
  • Honorary Treasurer :
  • Members ( minimum 4) :

Executive committee members are elected for a 1 year term, and therefore nominations are required for all of the posts.

  • Class and affiliated association representatives

Class and affiliated associations shall have the right to be represented by one delegate at each of the Regional Exco meetings with such delegates to be nominated and appointed by a majority vote at the AGM in terms of clause 11.10 of the byelaws. Such representatives may speak at meetings but shall have no vote.

  • The SA Sailing KZN Working Committees

The Regional Exco shall appoint the members of the Working Committees following nominations from member clubs and associations.  Members of Working Committees shall serve a two-year term.

For more information on what the Regional Executive or Working Committees functions are, please contact the SA Sailing KZN office.

  • Inland and Offshore Committee (minimum 3 members)


  • Racing Committee (minimum 3 members)


  • Development and Training Committee (minimum 3 members)


  • Technical Committee (minimum 1 member)


  • Event Management Committee (minimum 1 member)


Each club and association member shall be entitled to have two delegates attend and speak at these meetings.  The delegates must submit to the Chairman at the commencement of the meeting, written authority from their club or association of their appointment to act and vote as a delegate of the meeting in terms of clause 13.2 of the Constitution.

We urge clubs to carefully consider their nominations as it is important to have strong provincial committees to take yachting forward into the 2017/2018 season.


Yours sincerely

Aruna van Rooyen

Administrator- SA Sailing KZN

Prelim notice of SASKZN AGM 2017


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