Know your Trophies – No 5 – The Hartley Cup

The Hartley Cup
The Hartley Trophy was originally donated by F H Hartley & Sons of Magaliesberg. According to the hallmark on this trophy, we have been able to trace that it was manufactured by Elkington & Co. in 1936.
Elkington & Co are one of the most important names in English silver and certainly the most important in silver plate. They began life in Birmingham as a company of silversmiths in 1836, and experimented with improving gilding techniques. By 1838 they had discovered and patented a new way to electroplate one metal on to the surface of another. By 1840 production was already underway with silver electroplated wares. The company received financial backing from Josiah Mason in 1842 (renaming the firm Elkington, Mason & Co between 1842 and 1861) and was extremely successful. It introduced electrotyping as a new method of production for silver plated items. Elkington & Co exhibited at the Great Exhibition of 1851 with enormous success.
The Hartley Trophy was originally donated to RNYC for the Hartley Series which according to the records was run from 1990 until 1999. However, this event is no longer on our sailing calendar and this trophy was then reallocated by the Sailing Committee in 2013, to the Umdloti Mayor’s Race for A Division.

Previous Winners of the Hartley Cup for the Hartley Series
1990 Bedlam Cruiser Series
1991 Close Again
1992 State Line C Millar RNYC Series 2
1993 Perm Banker Alex Lanham-Love Hartley Series
1994 Barcom Seaboard M Taylor Hartley Series
1995 Donna Mia Gavin Smith Hartley Series
1996 Solar Wind Dave Cox Hartley Series
1998 No Fear M Hammick Hartley Series

2012/2013 Reallocated to the Umdloti Mayor’s Race for Division A
2013 Zap G Rose Umdloti Mayor’s Race
2015 Ray of Light M Kavanagh Umdloti Mayor’s Race
2016 Nimrod P Boase Umdloti Mayor’s Race

By Margie