Peter says “The Magic of Vasco”

During one of the late nights at the RNYC pub one of the members suggested we do the Vasco on ‘Magic’. We then started preparing the boat for a race only one of our 4 crew had done before. After three weeks we thought were ready only to have our gear box packed up the day before the race. Fortunately we managed to get it sorted in the early hours of race day. We had a bit of a rocky start when our spinnaker fell in the water after a couple of dodgy knots failed to keep it on the bow. We found ourselves quite far behind the pack after the first day but managed to work our way back into the race. Being just 4 on board was challenging and it was apparent that the long watch times were raking their toll on some of the crew. The wind and swells picked up heavily late on the second day and we saw quite a few boats retiring into EL.  We tried to power through the storm but a snapped forestay shackle and a rip in our genny finally forced us to follow the fleet into EL. Secretly relieved to be on dry land again the kind folk at the yacht club gave us a warm shower, some pizza and a few well deserved beers.

Peter Channing, Richard Jacob, Cameron Channing and Rory Nel

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