Members Parking

Members will have noticed the recent building work taking place in the rear car park and the subsequent removal of the palisade concrete fence between the existing car park and our neighbours, the 1st Port Natal Sea Scouts.

We are delighted to advise that we have entered into an agreement with the Sea Scouts to take over the management and administration of this area on their behalf. The benefit of this arrangement to the Club is that in addition to supporting the Sea Scouts by collecting the appropriate parking fees we are now able to make use of this area and provide additional parking to members.

While the parking space remains limited, so access to this facility is restricted to only those vehicles displaying a valid RNYC parking permit, Members are now permitted to make use of the additional parking area and are requested to ensure they park in an orderly and considerate fashion in order to maximize the efficient use of this space without causing inconvenience to others.

We are particularly grateful to Manuel and Antonio Sousa for undertaking the building work on behalf of the Club.

By Margie