Message from the Bridge

Most members will have by now had an opportunity to meet our new Club Manager, Ms Meleney Cunniff and we are grateful to those members who have welcomed Meleney onboard and assisted her as she settles in. Members will also have noticed a number of changes around the Clubhouse as Meleney has been hard at work with changes to the club staffing structure, product offering and the general appearance of the facilities. While a few feathers have been ruffled we are delighted with the results thus far and hope that members will continue to embrace the changes and support our efforts to improve the Club for the benefit of all our members. We have a number of exciting developments and initiatives which will be launched soon and will greatly enhance the value of club membership.

While undertaking a review of our operations and the product offering to members a number of deficiencies have been highlighted and these are being addressed. Among the more serious issues are staff capabilities and efficiencies as well as cost control. Staff training is in progress and it is likely that we will see some changes to the staff compliment.  In an effort to ensure consistent delivery and quality in the Food & Beverage department the menu is being simplified and updated with some overly complex items and slow selling items being withdrawn.

Cost control is another important area of focus at the moment and certain anomalies have been discovered with portion control and wastage. Of particular concern is the financial viability of the Sunday Carvery.  While we have always prided ourselves in providing a value for money product for members the Club is presently subsidizing this to a far greater extent than is sustainable and this is having a negative effect on our overall finances. To this end we are reviewing the offering in an effort to continue to provide an exceptional value for money product at the most reasonable price point.  While some members have expressed a concern that the offering has been compromised this is not the intention and we are exploring various options with regard to presentation and layout to ensure that Sunday Carvery is indeed more efficient and of a higher quality.  In order to achieve this objective there will be some changes and with the rising food costs we need to be mindful of the extent to which the Club is subsidizing the weekly meal and the extent to which it is being supported by members.  Rather than increase prices we would like to provide a better value offering and better control of the portions enjoyed by members.

Obviously seafood costs are high and we need to find innovative ways of providing our usual generous variety of seafood starters without compromising our financial viability. Members can rest assured we are working hard to improve our product offering and overall member experience without compromising our quality or increasing prices unreasonably and we appeal to members to support our efforts. We understand there may be some teething problems and we welcome your feedback and suggestions addressed to the General Committee.

General Committee

17th July 2017

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