Each month we will be asking our readers 5 nautical trivia questions – if all are answered correctly and timeously, you stand a chance to win a bottle of wine!


To Enter:


  • You will receive an email with your entry number
  • There will then be a lucky draw on Wednesday 19th September
  • The winner and answers will be revealed in Issue 4 of our Newsletter next week
  • Reminder to add your contact details and full name when submitting your answers and to ensure ALL questions are answered



September Questions: Sailing

  1. Turning a sailboat so that the bow passes through the eye of the wind is known as what?
  2. How many days did the trip take by the youngest person to sail solo around the world in 2010?
  3. Shank, crown, stock, and fluke are all parts of what?
  4. If you’re sailing at night on a starboard tack and see a single red light off your starboard bow, what should you do?
  5. Most sails have three corners. What are the names of the corners?
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