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Membership Cards 2018/2019

Members are reminded to collect a new RNYC membership card from the Front Office. We ask that you please use a current photo for the new cards and you are welcome to pop in to the office to let us take the picture for you. If you are unable to collect your card please email […]

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Nautical Trivia by Fonz – Gripe

A sailing vessel gripes when, by poor design or imbalance of sail, it tends to end up with its bow into the wind when sailing close-hauled.The sails flap around, forward progress is halted and she is very hard to steer. On land, the term means to complain, complain, complain.

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Quiz Night

Our most recent quiz night took place on Friday 13.07.2018. We had a fully packed Britannia Room, with a delicious carvery – served up especially for the occasion! Our winning group were these lovely ladies who called themselves the “S-martinis”. As well as an overall winning group, there was a PowerBall Draw – with R200.00 […]

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Black Tot Day

Black Tot Day (31 July 1970) The name given to the last day on which the Royal Navy issued sailors with a daily rum ration (the daily tot). In the 17th century, the daily drink ration for English sailors was a gallon of beer. In 1655, due to the difficulty of storing the large quantities of liquid, a […]

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Can you help?

We have an old cement table top that could be revived as an art project.  Can you do mosaic?  Or paint? Or make an interesting base for it?  Please let me know if you have an idea of how you can turn an old, faded cement ‘picnic’ tabletop into something stunning and useable for the […]

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