The Pacer 27 Sport at RNYC

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    Pacers in the Marina
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    Racing Pacers

Following several months of negotiation and through the generosity and vision of a longstanding Club member the Royal Natal Yacht Club has acquired a fleet of Pacer 27 sport boats, the first of which arrived yesterday at the Clubhouse and will be closely followed by her 3 sisters. The Pacer 27 fleet will then be commissioned and made available to members and suitably qualified non-members for daily charter and participation in a number of varied and exciting events all designed to promote sailing in Durban. Finally the Club has attained the long held desire to provide members and future members with access to the water and the opportunity to experience and enjoy the sport of sailing and actively participate in the yachting lifestyle without owning a yacht. There can be no doubt that this privilege will make membership of the Royal Natal Yacht Club highly desirable and even more meaningful and valuable to anyone wishing to enjoy the sport and yachting lifestyle.

Furthermore the Club has committed to the continued promotion of the Pacer 27 class association also acquiring the Pacer 27 moulds and thereby the ability to produce further yachts which aligns with our commitment to the Provincial Government of KwaZulu-Natal and our support of the KZN Integrated Maritime Strategy especially the growth and development of the leisure marine industry, the boat building industry and job creation within KwaZulu-Natal.

This is a wonderful opportunity for the Royal Natal Yacht Club, as South Africa’s oldest and most senior yacht club, to follow the example of our international peers such as the Royal Thames Yacht Club, Royal Yacht Squadron, Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron, Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, Royal Canadian Yacht Club, the New York Yacht Club, St Francis Bay Yacht Club and San Diego Yacht Club, to mention only a few of the premier international ICoYC yacht clubs with established club owned fleets of yachts.

We must extend our gratitude and sincere thanks to Mr Tim Dykins for his foresight, passion, dedication and generosity to sailing and his Club.

We look forward to club members seizing this unique opportunity to muster a team, reserve a boat and participate in Durban’s only “true one design keelboat” sailing program which will not only showcase and highlight the talents of our yachtsmen but also uplift the standard of competition and sailing while promoting the yachting lifestyle to the broader society.