Salt on the Sails – 150 Years of RNYC

Salt on the Sails – 150 Years of RNYC




Sally Frost ,  Royal Natal Yacht Club, 2008

From:  Illustrated history of Durban yacht club by John Conyngham ,  2009-01-28 (

“The great challenge for writers of institutional histories — whether about a school, or a university, or a club, or a company — is to record a specific story in such a way that it appeals to more than its immediate participants. Only then will the account be set in its greater context and the full story told.

In recounting the 150-year history of the Royal Natal Yacht Club (RNYC), Sally Frost has done just that, for not only is this a tale of commodores and spinnakers but also a small-craft marine history of the port of Durban and the uniquely Anglo-African society that spawned and sustained it.

As this is a big book brimming with text and illustrations, there is much to be deciphered and digested. Further, it is well written and full of striking photographs, many of which come from the remarkable Edward Caney Collection that captures so evocatively a particular sub-tropical, nautical world.”