Report on Recent Sailing Events by Carol Ferguson

Hi Guys and Gulls –
I/we actually got a race in last Wednesday – the wind was kind to us – big thank you to Linda Wadsworth, Martin and Carl Zimmerman– our Therapy team who helped on Bridge and sponsored prizes in the form of lovely big boxes of biscuits – your participation is really appreciated. We had a nice turn out of yachts.

Woza Friday was next and we had 10 boats on the water – Welcome to Andy Brown who got initiated into the Halcat system; Hayley and I were there too; the wind was really switchy; Unfortunately Hayley wasn’t feeling up to par so after one lap we headed for the shore and she asked Coert if he would like to jump on board. Coert rushed from his post helping Sandy, Carl etc on the lawn doing bridge and jumped on board. Dark clouds were brewing and the wind came to a halt before blowing a buster of a westerly thru. Luckily we all managed to finish before the storm zoomed down on us – de-rigging was a bit of a mission but with the gang helping each other we were able to put Cats back into position on beach. Needless to say we all were soaked and had to move inside to continue the party – Bruce Gilmore had some good music playing and the staff cooked our braai packs in the kitchen so all in all a good evening. Unfortunately, Margi got a call from Ian Darlow’s son to say his dad was in the car park and was having difficulty breathing – Carl and Margi rushed to find him and Carl took him straight to Entabeni, where his son met them. Thank you Carl and Margi for your prompt response. Ian is doing all right and was transferred to Gateway. Wishing Ian a speedy recovery and hope to see you at the club soon.

Saturday saw our dinghies on the water: lasers, 505 FF15 and Iain Bowman in his Oppie. Unfortunately we had to keep out of shipping areas/movements and managed to give everyone some racing at the top end of the Bay.
Graham Rose then rushed from dinghies to PYC prize giving for inter schools where the L26’s had been sailing in the Bay over the weekend. This was won by Eden College. Well done !

And now Sunday: Dawned warm and sunny – perfect for our Spray and Shave: The team arrived at 11am to set up on the Deck, CANSA Assoc had supplied all the equipment/spray etc that we needed. Bev (who is a freelance hairdresser) and our hairdresser for the day decided that working on the grass would be a better set up so umbrellas up and at 12 noon we had a queue – A VERY BIG THANK YOU to everyone who supported us – it was an amazing day and Hans Dettman and his friends provided the music – RNYC and staff supplied the food and beverages and we were able to add an additional FOUR THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED rand to our Wednesday Night Fun’d Sailing campaign.