RNYC Amakati Report – 23/05/2016

Neil wadsworthReport on Amakati exploits this past weekend

RNYC Amakati Mid-Winter Series Saturday 21st May

An excellent days racing in breeze where we managed to get in two races. Race Officers Jennifer Weyer and Carol Ferguson set us a good length course in a NE to Easterly breeze of around 12 – 15 knots in wind speed. The weather was beautiful with sunny skies and the tidal range was perfect also, allowing us to sail in and out of the RNYC to the race area. What more could one ask for?

We had two Darts, Two Halcats and one Hobie 14 sailing in the Amakati catamaran division. Whilst this was not a huge turnout, we expect more entries for next Saturday.

Results are posted on the Notice Board, or you can view them on the website.

For results, following link :

Forthcoming Events.

 RNYC Amakati Mid-Winter Dinghy Series , Saturday’s   28th May and 4th June starting at 14:00

This coming  Saturday will be the second of the three scheduled race days in this series. We hope to see more catamaran sailors joining in.

Whilst this weekend the tides don’t favour sailing out from the club with the low tide at 13:47, we may just be able to sail back in. So, this coming Saturday will require some effort to launch either at the rowing slipway or the International slipway. As for the weather, it looks great with 9 knots Southerly and sunny skies.

In the Amakati Series you are racing against the entire catamaran fleet on the SCHRS handicapping system, where the skipper only is the entered entity and may change boats, class, setups and crew configurations between race days. If it can be rated on SCHRS, it can be raced and you can see how well you fare in your new developments, such as the new F14s in the pipe line.

Stray Cats Regatta at Island Sailing Club 4-5th June

The NOR and Sailing Instructions are out  and posted on the clubs Notice Board. This is a fun regatta where all catamarans are invited to enter.

  Wacky Wednesday Catamaran Racing 8th and 22nd June starting at 17:30

This fun series sailed in the dark during winter, will be sailed on the above two dates for this year only. The usual bonfires will be lit, we’ll have specials on Wacky Burgers and we’ll dust off the cobwebs on the Halcats (if you don’t sail them in the “Stray Cats Regatta”) and take them for a spin in the dark. Now that’s different!

The boats are required to display lights in the form of a torch illuminating the rig and the skippers also wear headlamps, so you see a lot of light and boat activity on the water in front of the club during racing. It is a spectacle to watch and the onshore bonfires and food keep the spectators happy.

 So, I hope to see you on the water and around the club for “Serious Catamaran Sailing and Awesome Fun”.

 Rob Samways



By Margie