RNYC Halcat Octoberfest Regatta

octoberfest-1Saturday arrived and it was a beautiful sunny day, which is surprising as Durban has had miserable weather for months .

The wind was blowing a 12 knots North East  which became less as the day wore on. We had a healthy 16 Halcat entrants and with their colorful sails  populating  Royals lawns, it really set the tone for a great day . Our Commodore was out on the rubber duck taking footage of the racing and it should be interesting  to see the different styles of the “Halcatters” , also there will be footage of Andy Brown’s capsize plus his text book recovery .

Hayley Veschini and Jennifer Weyer were the only ladies team and after equipment failure in the first race they came back strong in the next four .

The racing was the spectacle on the water but on the lawns and in the club the Bier Fest  was the main attraction with members and guests enjoying the sunny warm day. Roy Close ran a running commentary for the spectators on the lawns which was good but when I was last to cross the line I didn’t really want my name called out, oh the embarrassment.

Neil Wadsworth put up prize money and beer money for the entrants, so a big thank you to Neil.

Gavin and Neil Wadsworth have donated a trophy, The Diane Wadsworth Memorial trophy for this inaugural event in memory of their mother Diane Wadsworth,    and it was fitting that Neil Wadsworth came first in the regatta and received the trophy. Richard Potgieter won the lucky draw prize money of R1000.00

We had great help from Carol Ferguson – race officer, Steve Barton Hobbs and Koko Bahizire – rescue , Jennifer Weyer – results , Linda Wadsworth – bridge, results and lucky draw .

It was a perfect  day for  this  event and CHEERS  to next year for a bigger one

All the best

Phil Downing




By Margie