Rob’s Catamaran Sailing Report

Dear Amakati

For my sins, I have once again agreed and accepted responsibility for the catamaran portfolio for the RNYC. This involves the promotion and organizing of all catamaran related events, especially the racing aspect of this portfolio.

The Woza Friday series will still have Phil Downing organizing all the fun aspects of this series, being the onshore festivities and prize giving. I will ensure the “on the water” organization, encompassing race management, documentation and results.

We wish to promote all classes and types of catamaran participation in our events, therefore, accordingly, we will apply the “World Sailing” endorsed and sponsored SCHRS catamaran handicapping system to produce overall results. We will also recognize specific class results where appropriate within this framework. It is also our intention to increase/raise the sailing level of catamaran sailing in our club, so it essential we get our sailors used to starting on properly laid and managed start and finish lines. We also shall hold race clinics during the season, where we will request some of our top sailors, both in our club and from elsewhere, to  address and impart their knowledge of performance catamaran sailing.

I trust that with your collective enthusiastic and dedicated support to our catamaran sailing, we will have a successful and enjoyable season ahead.


Report back on this past week events:

Bernd Risch Memorial Catamaran Series (Saturday 3rd September 2017)

On a weeks’ notice, we put together this event to encourage sailors to blow the cobwebs from their gear and get on the water as a pre-pre-prelude to our upcoming seasons planned sailing. We also wished to honour the memory of Bernd Risch, whose memorial was held on the same day at the club. Bernd was a long time member and active in club affairs over the years. He will be missed, as a character he was.

A total of 8 Halcats and one Dart sailed. (The Dart being sailed by long time absent Ice Skater and occasional Dart sailor, Carl Zimmerman. Carl has been recovering from a severely broken ankle, putting an end to his days of pirouetting, an aspect of ice skating, where Carl enthralled all the girls present at this skills in this regard! The last girl his antics vaguely enthralled, until he broke his ankle, was Rear Commodore Andy Brown’s daughter!)

Alec McNamara, assisted by Sandy Samways and Moses (of biblical renown) were kind enough to give up time from house renovating (at the Samways residence) to take Galaxy out to perform deep water race management in the harbour. They did an excellent job and ran 3 excellent length races of around 45 minutes each.

The day was won by Neil Wadsworth on tie break from his brother Gavin Wadsworth. The two siblings had an excellent day leaving me in a clear 3rd position. Taine, our youngest participant, sailing with a friend, achieved a 4th place in the 3rd race, which is a promising result. I trust we will see more consistency in the months to come from this young man.

For the complete results, please visit the RNYC web page.

Forthcoming Events:

Saturday Night Long-haul (Saturday 9th September starting at 15:45)

We are planning this event and request your support. It is a handicap race so all catamarans and their crew configurations are welcome.

We plan to start from a shore based start line, sail to red/white buoy off navy base, then to M18 and back to finish at RNYC. The red harbor buoys E2 and M8 will always be “marks of the course” to be passed on the deep water/channel side in both sailing directions.

Depending on who pitches, we may consider starting the bulk of the Halcats 5-10 minutes ahead of “deemed Halcat rock-stars” and any other catamarans such as Darts. In the results this offset start will be accounted for to bring the results back to actual. However, we will recognize “line honours”.

Dart 18 Single Handed Northvaal Reginal Championships (Stilbaai YC at Vaal Dam Saturday to Sunday 16-17 September)

Thus far, I seem to be the only KZN boat entered??? Where are the rest of you?

Sailing at the “home of Dart sailing” in RSA is always an eye-opener and you come back a better sailor!

Halcat National Championships (Stilbaai YC at Vaal Dam Saturday to Sunday 30 September to 1st October)

This class is aiming for + 30 boats for their National. It will be hotly contested at SYC with Dart sailors, some who are world champions, sailing Halcats! Thus far I am only aware of the following KZN sailors going: Andy brown, Richard Potgieter, Coert Grobbelaar, Steve Hegerstrom, Bill Ellens and Rob Samways.

Where are the rest of you KZN sailors???

See you on the water, flying a hull, having fun, going fast and past obsolete single hull expired technology!!

Rob Samways

RNYC Catamaran Co-Ordinator

Dart 18 Technical Chairman and KZN Rep.

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