Sailing Report – Catamarans


Dear Amakati,

Report on Amakati exploits this past weekend

Woza Friday 8th April.

I think everyone’s tired? Speaking for myself, I had flu so decided to run the race management from Galaxy, anchored off the RNYC Waterfront. I was assisted by Alec McNamara and Neil Wadsworth. Neil is recovering from a dislocated arm, so that covered two good reasons why numbers sailing were low.. Okay, Gavin Wadsworth is tired, Phil and Haley had to be at another function but would get back in time for prize giving, Jennifer was stuck with work issues and Bill Ellen’s was too late. Coert is recovering from kidney stones, so that took care of 7 sailors. However, they all got to the club in time for prize giving, so we had more armchair sailors than real sailors for the event!

This was the official last Woza for this season. The sailing was held in a light easterly wind backing to NE during the evening and fading later to a complete calm. Graham Weyer, Andy Brown, Richard Potgieter and Brad Rayson were the competitors. There were many lead swops over the 2 races sailed, ending the evening with Graham winning, Richard 2nd and Andy taking 3rd on tie break from Brad.

The usual braai and get-together was held after racing with the signature “Woza Into” by Phil Downing leading into results and prize giving. Well done to those who sailed, especially to  Graham Weyer for winning the season final Woza.


RNYC Dinghy Series Saturdays 9th April.

A total of 3 Darts and 4 Halcats sailed with the dinghy’s in the 1st race day of the RNYC Winter Dinghy Series.

The racing was well organised and run by the Race Management Team coordinated by Jennifer Weyer and assisted on bridge by Commodore Graham Rose and Carol Ferguson with Rear Commodore Hans Dettman and Steve Barton-Hobbs doing mark laying and rescue. Wind was 10 knots average ENE’terly backing  toward the end of the day.  A total of 3 good length races were sailed for the afternoon, devoid of interference by shipping movements.

I won for the day for the Darts with Graham Weyer 2nd . In the Halcats, Richard Potgieter won with Andy Brown taking 2nd place. Andy also achieved his maiden Halcat win in the first race of the day, so brilliant stuff! (There were other results for the dinghy’s, but we sailed past them so fast that I don’t recall anything they did, so cannot therefore report!?)

Those who didn’t sail really missed a lot!


Forthcoming Events.

RNYC Dinghy Series Saturdays 16th and 23rd April.

This coming Saturday we have a low high and high low tide occurrence. By my reckoning, we will get out easily and I’m of the opinion we should be able to sail back  in shallow water after the racing. (If I’m wrong, you can buy me a coke!)

Let’s get more Darts and Halcats out racing, for no other reason than “the more you sail the better you get”, and its good practice for the upcoming grand Slams in Richards Bay.


SAS KZN Grandslam Richards Bay 30th April – 2nd May (long weekend)

This is the second in the series of 3 Grandslam’s being sailed around KZN. The first one was at Midmar in February and the final one will be in Durban in August.

It is open to all dinghies and catamarans. The plan was to sail offshore, but I have heard it will now be sailed in Richards Bay harbour due to complications with the control tower at the harbour. Margie has just received the regatta notices and will distribute them all to you shortly.

For those who have never sailed at Richards Bay, I must tell you that the camping, launching and overall facilities of Zululand Yacht Club are tops. The harbour is huge and we can sail with no interference of shipping. I strongly urge you all to get your catamarans to this event. Richards Bay has a large Dart fleet, so I shall be sailing my Dart. However, if we can get 5 Halcat’s going, that too will constitute a class. Where boats don’t make class a handicap fleet exists. Just be there!

Three Ships Maters Event at ISC in 7th & 8th May

This event is open to 35 year

s and older participants, based on an age handicap system. This is a fun event were dinghy’s and catamarans are invited to enter. The NOR is out. More on this next week.

So, I hope to see you on the water and around the club for “Serous Catamaran Sailing and Awesome Fun”.

 Rob Samways


By Margie