Standard Bank Wednesday Night Series RYA NHC ‘Base List’ Ratings (2016/2017)

Competitor List (as at 3/11/2016)

A Division

Name Helm Name Base List Rating
Bellatrix Gregg Hurter 1.058
CFM Stuart Ritchie 1.133
Container World Brendan Humphreys 0.904
Flyer Brad Rayson 1.015
IThemba 0.904
Lets Boogie CJ Milln 0.822
Lindiwe 0.904
Nimrod Pat Boase 1.052
PYC Challenger Denmar Nel 0.904
Panache Trish Kilburn 0.904
SLFC Spindrift Rudi Fokkens 0.904
Southern Storm Warren Clarke 1.103
Tequila Sunrise Kevin Rainer 0.904
Therapy Gavin Wadsworth 0.969
ZAP Graham Rose 0.958
Zing Gavin Smith 1.030

 B Division

Name Helm Name Base List Rating
Argo Craig Millar 1.041
Bellissima Vernon Goss 0.973
Magic Peter Channing 0.978
Rocinante 0.945
Vent du Cap Andy Pavid 0.933

E Division

Name Helm Name Base List Rating
Candi Theuns Nel 0.840
De Klem in de Kaak Jason Clemence 0.840
Ivanhoe Keith Brodie 0.840
Magenta Ricky Pyper 0.840
Maia 0.831
My way Clint de Fin 0.862
Olivia Jane Neil Millar 0.836
She Myra Frans van Oes 0.857

MM Division

Name Helm Name Base List Rating
Bandit Sean Jones 1.250
Crazy Diamond Wayne Smith 1.250
Ladybird Andrew Dolloway 1.400
Magic Dragon Bill Ellens 1.221



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