The Future of Coastal Clubs

Further to various announcements on the collaborative exercise between all the Coastal Clubs of South Africa, facilitated by South African Sailing, it gives me pleasure to forward the attached questionnaire to all Club members.

The questionnaire has been developed around surveys used for Clubs here in South Africa, including work done at Royal Natal Yacht Club and Royal Cape Yacht Club, and exercises undertaken for similar purposes at overseas Clubs such as Royal Cork and other sporting bodies.


Please click on to the survey here:


It takes some 10 to 15 minutes to complete.  Not much to ask a member for the future of their Club. I have already submitted mine. Please note if your session is interrupted, as long as the window is not closed, one can return to complete it later. After you have submitted your response, your will receive a mail in your inbox confirming it has been logged.  Once submitted it is possible to go back into your response and change an answer if required.

In addition, the Club, together with other Coastal Clubs, is completing a detailed spreadsheet accounting for the Club’s activities in the form of a Scorecard.

The surveys will be collated by SA Sailing. Please be assured this will be done on an unattributed basis. Someone may contact you to clarify a response but the information will be aggregated on a per Club basis and as a collective for all of the coastal clubs.

Thank you for your support and involvement.

Let’s hope we can look back on this in time and be able to say this was the turning point.


With warm regards,



By Shanee'