The Ocean Mapping Expedition

The Ocean Mapping Expedition

On Thursday, 11th October The Geneva-based Foundation Pacifique held a Press Conference on the occasion of the arrival in South Africa of the 33m-long Swiss Ketch Fleur De Passion as part of the Ocean Mapping Expedition.


“This unique 4-year journey (2015-2019) around the world from Seville to Seville combines science, education and culture to map the human impact on the oceans and raise awareness about sustainable development issues in the wake of Ferdinand Magellan some 500 years after the first ever circumnavigation.


Less than 12 months before reaching back Seville, Spain, and therefore completing a 4 and a half year journey around the world in the wake of Magellan, the 33m-long and biggest sailboat under Swiss flag Fleur de Passion will stop in Durban from 8 October to 12 November 2018 before heading further South towards Knysna and Cape Town where The Ocean Mapping Expedition is scheduled to arrive in December.


On this occasion and with the support of the Embassy of Switzerland in South Africa, the crew [presented] the three pillars of this unique multidisciplinary expedition that speaks volumes for how the civil society of a landlocked country can mobilize itself for the common good, namely the oceans, a vital environment. The crew [shared] initial results of the scientific programs on micro-plastic and noise pollution, coral bleaching and monitoring greenhouse gases (methane and carbon dioxide) on the surface of the oceans, including unexpected findings on the role of the Indian Ocean as a sink for methane.


The press conference [was] held in the presence of:

– Samuel Gardaz (Switzerland), Vice-President for Corporate Affairs, Fondation Pacifique

– Pere Valera (Spain), skipper

– Yaiza Santana (Spain), second mate and scientific coordinator

– Katharina Kreil, Swiss illustrator on board during the Maputo-Durban leg

– Jacquelene Friedenthal, Science and Technology Counsellor, Embassy of Switzerland in South Africa”