The Oyster Fleet

“Designed by Sailors, for Sailors”


The Oyster Yachts are certainly something special, not only are they luxury sailing yachts that are built to order, Oyster is also recognised as the most successful British shipyard of series-built yacht. They are strong, stable, and are handcrafted to endure the demands of the ocean while providing comfort and safety. Oyster is privately owned by shareholder, and avid sailor, Richard Hadida. The Oyster team has 45 years of experience and have built over 1000 yachts.


For more information on the yacht designs and Oyster Events, have a look at their website:


One of the largest Oyster organised Regattas, the Oyster World Rally,  started off in January 2017 and is set to be completed by April 2019. The Rally kicked off in Antigua on 15th January 2017 and is a 27 000 mile circumnavigation, spanning 27 months and consisting of 4 connecting stages. The participants are set to be exploring the Pacific and Asian islands, as well as discovering more of New Zealand and Australia.


There are a total of 31 participating Oyster Yachts, most of which are stopping off in our very own port of Durban!

Royal Natal Yacht Club 160 year celebration and Durban Tourism flags are flying on the Ndongeni lawns at RNYC to welcome all the international visitors.  In the past week the most talked about topic around the club has been about watches and sleep patterns in a number of languages and accents. We are proud to welcome the Oyster Fleet and several international crew to our Club.


For more information on the Oyster World Rally, and to track the vessels, have a look at their website:

By Shanee'