Typhoon Manghut & Boat Safety

Members may be interested to read the following extract from the Marina Industries Association monthly newsletter:

“Typhoon Manghut hit Hong Kong on Sunday 16th September after leaving a wake of destruction in the Philippines. The typhoon hit with 175km/h winds and had a record storm surge with floodwaters reaching their highest levels since 1904.

Alan Reid, Marina Manager of Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club said “All in all HK took a beating with a lot of damage to boats of all sizes all over the territory.  The Clubs and Marinas fared well due to our long history of preparing for typhoons.”

“The main culprit for damage was boat owners themselves.  Days in advance the warning were given out that there was a bad one coming but there were still many owners who left their head sails on their furler and the sail came loose to flog to death in the wind.  Many boats had no extra moorings fitted and some still had their awnings up”.

The recent typhoon brings home how important preparation for storms such as these are.”

It is particularly interesting to note the comments of Alan Reid, and members are reminded that it is their responsibility to take all necessary precautions in adequately securing their vessels especially the catamarans stored on the club’s Ndongeni Lawns particularly in view of the prevailing unstable weather conditions and the Great Storm last October.