Wednesday Night Report

Ahoy sailors


Once again we had good sailing conditions last Wednesday, with some tight tacking between several boats and a very near miss with the committee boat.  Luckily no damage to man or boats were incurred.

 Several sailors did not hear our sound signals – please be assured that we gave them.  Herewith results so far – I am just listing the first 5 yachts in each division, the full list can be found on the RNYC web page – under results.

 Results as of 8th March

DIV A                                     DIV B                                     DIV E                         MM

Argo                                        Alkisitis                                  Acrux                         Ladybird

Flyer                                       Vent du Cap                         Blue Moon                  Bandit

Tequila Sunrise                     Endless summer                 Klem in die Kak          Magic Dragon

Zap                                          Liquid Blue                           Noo Noo                     Crazy Diamond

Southern Storm                    Ocean Spirit                        My Way

 Thank you to everyone involved with this series – and even although next Wednesday is a public holiday, we will be running racing.

 More to follow – have a good week


 Yours in sailing


By Kearin