Woman’s Day Pacer Sailing – 9th August 2016


(A future tradition in the making…)

By Linda Wadsworth

Tuesday the 9th of August 2016 started as a beautiful Durban winter morning – a perfect start for Women’s Day sailing at the Club.  Briefing was at 9am so lady sailors arrived for coffee, tea, breakfast or something stronger before heading to the Foredeck for some vital pre-sailing information.  Once settled, the gathering tallied two gentlemen and thirteen ladies ready to get out on the water and strut their stuff.  Once informed of all the rules and regulations we headed to the International walk-on and started rigging Pacers 2,3 and 4.  When all the equipment was checked, boats rigged and motors started we set off to find some wind in the harbour.

Initially the breeze was light and full of holes but as the day wore on it filled in fairly well and then the infamous Pacer heeling started.  Just up a few sailors’ alleys… Up and down a few times with a few members of each crew having a turn to helm saw these individuals enjoying the role of skipper for a while.  After an hour or two on the water we headed back to the safety of the mooring and once tethered, the derigging done and the checklist checked we headed to the club for some much needed re-hydration.  By all accounts a great deal of fun, learning and close encounters were experienced.  The sailors agreed that this should be undertaken again with perhaps a tad more wind!  Thank you RNYC, Graham Rose and Margie Harris for an enjoyable Woman’s Day in the sun, fresh air and most importantly on the water.

By Margie