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Pictures: (above) A Sunderland of the SAAF on Durban Bay circa 1950s (top) and (lower picture) a Short S23 C class flying boat ‘Cleopatra’ of the Imperial Airways flying off Durban during the late 1930s

The Port Natal (Durban) branch of The World Ship Society is holding its regular monthly meeting at the Royal Natal Yacht Club this coming Tuesday (23 January) during which Dr John Buchan of Durban will present his ‘A History of Durban’s Flying Boat Service’ – a subject in which he has been researching for many years and is an expert on the topic.

The World Ship Society asks that this be publicised and that visitors will be welcome. The meeting begins at 17h00 for 17h30, Tuesday 23 January at the Royal Natal Yacht Club on the Yacht Mole, Durban Harbour.

Royal Air Force PBY Catalina flying boat used for coastal patrol off the KZN coast during World War 2, seen here on Durban Bay about to land


The article is courtesy of Terry Huston’s Ports Newsletter:

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