Amakati Report 21 February 2018

Dear Amakati and followers of catamaran sailing,

Happy New Year!!! Bit late, but I think this is the first newsletter contribution I have made this year?!

Below, please find a brief report on the exploits of the Amakati of recent:

Midmar 9 Hour (HMYC Saturday 17th February)

Many avid supporters, at least 35 boats worth of crews, sailing this iconic event gathered over this past weekend at Midmar Dam to participate and enjoy this event. Some travelled in for the day, whilst others took up accommodation in the Parks Board, others brought tents and campers to stay at the club.

The entry this year was not as good as has been the case of recent preceding years, for what I reason I cannot for sure state, but perhaps the weather forecast of little wind may have played a role?

The start was scheduled for 09:00, but Race Officer Rob Bell was kind enough to postpone the start on the water, as in reality, the fleet was battling to cross the dam to get to the start in literally no wind. The start eventually got the fleet “racing” off at around 09:40, everyone drifted apart then the majority converged all at the same time, some 45- 50 minutes later, at the first mark, where chaos ensued. Some were able to manage this tanglement of drifting boats well, getting  away down the second leg into small patches of wind, never again to be caught. It took a good hour and half to just do the half lap to the course back to the club and gate/ change over marks. Many at this point opted to do their first skipper/crew change over, one of four required in the event.

The wind improved over the course of the day with trapezing possible in the mid to late afternoon. The handicap cut-off was at 17:00 and a further 18:00 cut-off for boats racing in fleets on scratch.

The following are performances are noteworthy and require mention from the RNYC:

  1. The team Patrick Harris/Jeremy Kriek and Campbell Alexander/Sarah Matter won the event overall on Jeremy’s Flying Fifteen “Figjam”.
  2. RNYC juniors from Durban High School, Taine Steytler /Kyle Schefermann  and  Cameron with brother Josh Crickmore  were the first/highest placed juniors in the fleet, sailing on Taine’s Halcat “Cat-a-Tak”.
  3. Gavin/Geetje and Neil/Linda Wadsworth’s were the highest place catamaran on Gavin’s Dart 18 “Nemo”.

By all reports, this was a well organised and enjoyed event, where HMYC provided great entertainment with a live band, good food and great bar service.

Forthcoming events

Woza Friday (2nd March at 16:00)

 The Woza Friday scheduled for the 16thFebruary was cancelled as a results of the above Midmar 9 Hour as many of our sailors and other supporters of this event were also sailing the 9 Hour.

The very next Woza is in 2 weeks’ time on 2nd March. Phil will contact you regarding the planned onshore festivities associated with this event.


Rob Samways

RNYC Catamaran Sailing Coordinator