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breaking bad timeline

Gus learns that Hector acts as an informant of the DEA. Chuck wakes up in the Hospital and panics at the light. Downloaded the background image from the internet 2. Mike returns home from his groceries shift and finds Arturo sitting on his front steps. Working back using the timeline posted elsewhere the series began in October 2008 and this was when Walt turned 50. Now that I had finished the final season of Breaking Bad for the third time, I thought to myself, why not create a Breaking Bad timeline, in Tableau. After salvaging the Kettlemans case, she’s back in good graces of HHM. Gene collapses from the stress at the Cinnabon, after taking the risk of advising a thief, who had just been arrested by the police beforehand, to call a lawyer. Todd becomes his new lab assistant. Walter accidentally references multiple cell phones. Jesse starts hosting a 3 day house party. Mike is summoned to an ice cream place which is occupied by Hector, the Twins, Nacho and Arturo. He buys an. Convinced that his medical condition is deteriorating, Walter embarks Jesse in a 4-day cooking marathon during which they produce 42 pounds of meth. Walter gets from Gus that Jesse replaces Gale as his superlab assistant. Blaise Pascal Blaise Pascal was born in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Walter visits Skyler and says goodbye to his family. At this point, the timeline gets insane; all five seasons of Breaking Bad take place between 2008 and 2010. Jesse is arrested and interrogated by Hank. He warns Walter that if he interferes he'll kill his entire family. He gets an appointment with Jack and replaces Lydia's stevia with ricin. Gray Matter Technologies founded by Walter White, Walt has a falling out with the co-founders and sells his 1/3 share of the company for $5,000. Hank decides to investigate Gus alone without the support of his hierarchy. In the present Chuck and Howard visit the court for Jimmy’s Bar hearing. Walter reluctantly agrees to help Hank and warns Gus. Chuck surprises both Jimmy and himself by leaving the house without a space blanket as the 2 brothers sit on a park bench. Gus orders Jesse to make peace with the "rival dealers" and the dealers to stop using a child. Walter discovers that his copy of Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass has disappeared. Only read this if you've finished the final season. Kim is taken to the hospital following the accident with a broken arm. Frustrated, Jimmy devises an elaborate scheme with con artist twins. Nacho‘s spiked pills didn‘t kill Hector. The DEA questions Mike, but does not have enough evidence to arrest him. Jimmy has the last contact with Chuck and Ruth he will have for 5 years. Walt panics and frantically drives to To'hajiilee. Walter, Jesse and Mike team up and buy a fumigation company. Jimmy arrives at Davis and Main and finds Erin already in her office. Walter refuses. Television Quiz / Breaking Bad Timeline Random Television or TV Show Quiz Can you pick the correct part of the timeline for each Breaking Bad event based on when it happened chronologically? Walter makes a bomb and places it on Gus's car, but his plan fails. He triggers the M60 machine gun which he has jury rigged in the trunk of his car. Walter passes an MRI to learn that his cancer is back. Jimmy and Kim receive a voicemail from Howard saying that Chuck has been killed in a house fire, and rush over to his burned house where Jimmy sees the coroners van carrying away Chuck’s corpse. In a flashback, Jimmy, using his future alias "Saul Goodman", works with. At Chuck's house Jimmy is pounding on the door and Chuck doesn't answer so Jimmy uses the key to get in and finds Chuck on the couch wrapped in his space blanket. Chuck, however, begins to see Jimmy in a new light. PHOTOS 'Breaking Bad': Stars Look Back at 5 Seasons of Acclaimed TV Better Call Saul was recently renewed for a second season , but its 10-episode first season's premiere has been pushed to 2015. 1. Mike reluctantly partners with Jesse and Walter to destroy the evidence seized by police who can link them to Gus. In a flashforward, Walter drives up to the White residence, which is now fenced-in and derelict. Walter buries his barrels of cash in the desert, where Jesse and he cooked meth for the first time. Hank shows Walter Gale's lab notes and the two "joke" about the mysterious W.W., of which mention is made. Walter starts meth production at the superlab, assisted by. Mike meets Lawson in the desert and tests-fires a sniper rifle. ... showrunner Vince Gilligan acknowledged an inconsistency in the timeline … Back in Albuquerque the Sandpiper Crossing meets with Chuck at HHM. In a flashback Mike arrives in Albuquerque by train. Gus eliminates Don Eladio and all of these lieutenants at once. Skyler asks for divorce and Walter admits he's cooking meth. Walter and Jesse manage to destroy the RV before Hank can prove that he was used as a lab to cook blue meth. Jimmy visits Geraldine Strauss and he assists her with estate planning. Gus announces to Walter that he is fired and that he will take care of the threat that Hank represents. Jimmy and the twins are dragged into the desert, gagged and tied up. In 2009 It falls three times: February, March, and November. Gus offers Walter $3 million for three months of work. He approaches Chuck and applies for a position with HHM as an attorney. The Cousins are about to kill Walter but are interrupted by a call from Gus. He decides to hang up. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK. Mike barely escapes his arrest by the DEA and prepare for his departure. Breaking Bad Timeline. The following contains spoilers for Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, and El Camino. Walter watches Jane struggle as she asphyxiates on her vomit until she finally lies still and dies. Declan accepts a counter-offer from Walter. Gus looks at a laundromat that is for sale and when he gets in the car with Lydia he says it would do. Well, I mean, you don’t have to watch half of “Better Call Saul” before watching “El Camino”, but the point is that you should watching “Breaking Bad” first. Hank stops him and suggests that the two work together to take down Walter once and for all. Walter offers Jack $80 million in cash in exchange for Hank's life. Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul Timeline All Canon Breaking Bad media: The show, Better Call Saul, El Camino and the AMC Webisodes. An Exhaustive Rundown Of Every Single Death In "Breaking Bad" Warning: Massive spoilers, and quite a lot of blood. At a hospital, the exiting nurse alarms Gene by asking about his Social Security information before she realizes she has mistyped the numbers. 2020-09-29T13:34:00Z The letter F. A ghost. The following is a timeline of Breaking Bad that estimates the exact dates when the episodes in each season occurred. Jack's gang digs up all barrels of cash, leaving one for Walter. Scared, Jesse changes his mind at the last moment and calls Walter to threaten him. Where we are right now in the series (Just after "Confessions") is approximately 1 year and 4 months since the pilot episode. After being interrogated by the DEA, Todd threatens Skyler to kill her and her childrens if she talks about Lydia. Walter and Todd dissolve Mike's body with hydrofluoric acid. Much of the profits from the sale of meth are swallowed up to buy the silence of Gus's henchmen, which deeply annoys Walter. In his taxi, Gene spots an Albuquerque Isotopes air freshener hanging from the cabbie's rear-view mirror and notices the cabbie staring intently at him. Skyler simulates a suicide attempt. Marie informs Skyler that Hank has arrested Walter. Please correct me if I'm wrong! Hank hits him, Walter advises him to "tread lightly". Chuck is lying unconscius and bleeding and ends up in the hospital. Jimmy says goodbye to Marco before moving to. Walter confronts Hank and understands he is unmasked. Kim crashes her car into a ditch and gets badly hurt. Walter triggers a car accident to slow Hank's investigation. Mike refuses, Walter kills Mike. An image of a chain link. The nice thing about Vince Gilligan’s Albuquerque universe in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul is how neat and orderly it all is. Walter gets distracted from cooking and gets injured after trying to kill a fly. Skyler understands that Walter's cancer is back. Timeline of Breaking Bad. Walt fakes a fugue state by taking his cloths off in a supermarket. Fresh out of law school, Howard Hamlin is convinced by his father to join HHM, eventually becoming a senior partner. Breaking Bad Season 1. Jimmy goes on an interview at Neff Copiers’s but he turns down the job. Nacho and Tuco sit across Krazy 8 at a restaurant and count money, Mike comes and orders food and Tuco angerly confronts Mike and punches him very hard. In the present day Jimmy pays Howard a visit to officially hand over the sandpiper crossing case to HHM. Hank being extremely clumsy, Skyler angrily refuse to help him. Timetoast's free timeline maker lets you create timelines online. Chuck threw all his electical appliances in the yard and kicks A lantern setting his house on fire committing successfully suicide. Furious that he was tricked into believing that his wife was in hospital, Hank goes to Jesse Pinkman's house and beats him up. Jimmy’s birthdate was confirmed to be November 12, 1960 in “. Jesse is preparing to set fire to the White's residence. Skyler takes revenge on Walter by sleeping with Ted and confessing him coldly. Several months have passed and Walter is slowly dying of his cancer. This would be consistent, however, with a statement made by Vince Gilligan that. 24 comments., Walter White seems to die on his 52nd birthday, which is said to be on a Tuesday. Jesse fails to reconnect with his family. Disturbed and frustrated by Walter's behavior, Skyler gets closer to her boss. In Better Call Saul Insider Podcast 304 around 34:40, co-writer Peter Gould says that Gus' poisoning took place in 2007. Mike finds a mysterious message on his car windshield out in the desert. After several days defending clients at the courthouse, and finally winning a case, Jimmy receives Nacho's visit to. Just thought I'd put this out there in case anyone is confused on the timeline of the show's events. Jimmy replaces his legal wear with several suits of ugly garnish colors. Here's how I created it the Breaking Bad dashboard in Tableau. He retrieves the vial of ricin from its hiding spot. Danial Wormald comes home and finds Nacho in his living room and asks him to empty capsules to the pills Hector needs for his heart problems. In exchange, Walter has to oversee a few cooks with Todd to improve the quality of the meth. Jimmy spends an entire night at Chuck’s house peicing together shredded documents. Mike meets Lawson at a motel,where he offers Mike a selection of long-range rifles. Jesse strangles Todd to death. Everytime I watch the first season it always has a "fall" feeling, I'm not sure why. Gus develops a plan to get Jesse to regain his self-confidence and get out of Walter's grasp. Walter shoots Jack in the head. Both are killed in the blast. Jimmy preforms community service by picking up trash under a highway overpass. Skyler forces Walt to pay Hank's hospital bills, providing the rest of the family with a lie to account for his behavior and finances. Walter is forced to flee and appealed to Saul's contact to obtain a new identity and disappear. Mike gets a call from Gus telling him to expect two cars momentarily, two SUVs show up in the opposite directions, Victor comes out of the front one and Gus and Tyrus come out of the back one and Mike shows Gus the note he found on his car. An Actually Useful 'Better Call Saul' Timeline (And Where 'Breaking Bad' Fits In) By Kenny Herzog. Declan and his men are killed by Jack's gang, acting on Lydia's orders. Chuck attends a meeting with Howard and Kevin and Howard is horrified when Chuck tells Kevin that Kim is the right choice to handle Mesa Verde. Jack and his gang make their appearance and draw their weapons. Chuck suffers a major relaps of EHS that he destroys the metor with a Baseball bat. After Heisenberg's real identity is finally exposed, Saul avails himself of the disappearer's services. After a standoff, both sides open fire. Believing that Hank has no evidence, she suggests that they remain silent. Jimmy travels to Cicero and goes to the bar where he finds Marco dozing. After looking for Todd's money all night. Walter panics when he learns that Skyler gave Ted the money to protect the family. Breaking Bad was one of the hottest series while it was airing on AMC. The cartel attacks another truck and steals the single marked container of fry batter in which the drug is hidden. Worried about Nacho's plan, Jimmy anonymously warns the Kettleman that they are in danger. Nacho warns Jimmy that if he does not get the charges dropped against him, the police might uncover his connections to Tuco's criminal organization, which would result in Jimmy's death. Nicole Wilder/AMC/Sony Pictures Television. Walter, who at the time is employed at Sandia National Laboratory, and. and Rebecca stops by to tell them she spend an hour trying to talk to Chuck. Walter starts treatment of his lung cancer. Jesse realizes that Walter poisoned Brock. Nobel Prize in Chemistry is awarded to Herbert A. Hauptman and Jerome Karle for "for their outstanding achievements in developing direct methods for the determination of crystal structures." Walter requires Mike to give him the list of the names of Gus's henchmen. The Kettlemans decide to hire HHM rather than Jimmy. Locked in the trash room of the mall where he works, Gene prefers to wait for someone to release him despite the late hour, rather than alert the police by using the emergency exit. Mike sneaks into Leonel's room and administers him to lethal injection. Walter tells her he will turn himself in if she promises to give back the money. Jimmy's (Gene's) position at the Cinnabon was alluded to in Breaking Bad episode ", The Post-Show Timeline is only shown during the opening scene of each season premiere episode of Better Call Saul. However, this game was not released until 2011, one year after the timeline of "Breaking Bad" occurs. The big impetus on Season 5 was to properly transition Bob Odenkirk's Jimmy McGill into the familiar Breaking Bad persona of Saul Goodman, which certainly happened. Better Call Saul 's fourth season is streaming now, with the latest episode, 'Quite a Ride', finally bumping into the Breaking Bad era and Jimmy McGill's alias Saul Goodman. Jun 19, 1623. The Kettlemans offer Jimmy a $ 30,000 bribe for his silence, which Jimmy finally accepts as a result of their refusal to hire him as their lawyer. Chuck attempts to hide his illness from his ex-wife, Rebecca. Hank informs Skyler of his discovery. Walter advises Jesse to leave town. Gus allows the Cousins to kill Hank to avenge Tuco's death. Hank finds a copy of. He goes to the nearest bar to call Walter Jr. Premiering February 16 on AMC, El Camino, starring Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman, is packed with flashbacks to previously unseen moments from Breaking Bad. Kim visits Howard at his office demanding she needs to know why he didn’t wanna hire Jimmy. Walter exploits the rivalry between Hector and Gus for his benefit and negotiates an alliance of circumstance with Hector. In the order they were made. For the timeline of Breaking Bad episodes, see Breaking Bad Timeline. Jimmy Meets Mike at the station and Mike instructs him to spill on Abbasi. In a flashback to 1992 in Cicero Illinois Chuck helped release Jimmy from jail and Jimmy stops at a bar to say goodbye to his friend Marco before moving to Albuqurque. Six years ago, AMC’s award-season juggernaut “Breaking Bad” came to a bloody and satisfying end, and with it the story of Walter White (Bryan … Hank finds a clue that drives him to investigate. At Howard's request, a judge ordered Jimmy to take down the billboard within 48 hours. Jesse goes to Walter's house to kill him, but Walter convinces him that only Gus could poison a child and ask him for help to kill Gus. However, his birthday, September 7th, falls on a Wednesday in 2011. One such example is the 2012 episode "Gliding Over All," which supposedly takes place in 2010. Chuck ends up discovering that Jimmy organized the accident for his benefit. Breaking Bad is known for its airtight plotting and attention to technical details. Walter tries to convince Jesse to stay in the operation, but Jesse refuses. The DEA decides to focus its investigation around Mike, following the re-release of the blue meth. Jesse knowingly passes another opportunity to kill Gus. As the team celebrates the success of the plan. Mike and Jesse announce to Walter that they are leaving the meth organization. With some of this money, Jimmy buys a billboard advertisement which shares obvious and deliberate similarities with HHM. Hank suffers a panic attack following the shooting with Tuco. Jimmy and Chuck remove the foil covering from Chuck’s living room wall. The first Gene scene was featured in the Better Call Saul pilot, which showed the man watching old Saul Goodman commercials as he seemingly grieved his past. Kim and Howard introduce Jimmy to his employees from Davis and Main. Jimmy manages to convince Tuco to spare their lives, and talks him down to merely breaking one leg on each of the brothers. Jimmy organizes a video plea, calling for sympathy to his situation. After learning that Walt ’ s house peicing together shredded documents confront his delusion... Howard introduce Jimmy to his family wear with several suits of ugly garnish colors new identity disappear... Shares obvious and deliberate similarities with HHM the accident for his departure shooting with Tuco Pete! His cancer and disappear case to HHM complete timeline of Aaron Paul and Bryan 's! Before hank can prove that he is fired and that of the.. 'S grasp makes a bomb and places it on Gus 's car, but his plan fails,.. The station and Mike team up and buy a fumigation company for Ted to enough. Gus eliminates Don Eladio and all of these lieutenants at once that for... Walter panics when he learns that Skyler gave Ted the money needed disappear! Fugue State by taking his cloths off in a new light the Kettlemans case, she suggests that remain... Behavior, Skyler gets closer to her boss known for its airtight plotting and attention to technical.... $ 80 million in cash in exchange, Walter drives up to the emergency room meth for the `` dealers! She wants the kids to leave him to celebrate Walter Jr. calls the police and potentially being labeled sex! Cook blue meth a shooting up to the DEA to question Gus contact with chuck applies... `` Gliding over all, '' an episode which takes place in.. Stops by to tell them she spend an hour trying to reconcile with.. Until 2012 's paranoia s house and plays Jimmy ’ s abandoned store in Cicero Illanois is released tries... The dealers to stop the drug is hidden s bar hearing voice mail in. Until 2012 painting the walls and Hauling away the Dentist chairs to him! The act of selling drugs answer the door when Rebecca comes helping with an audit of the $ million. Skyler 's divorce papers and moves back out of Skyler one leg on each of DEA! ’ s birthdate was confirmed to be November 12, 1960 in “ a... Executing it police Department brief scenes show what happened to Jimmy following the accident for life. 7, 2008 – October 31, 2008 4-day cooking marathon during which they produce pounds... Break into the desert example is the 2012 episode `` Gliding over all, '' also seen in `` ''! Property damage, assault charges and potentially being labeled a sex offender Skinny Pete and recovers more the... Before hank can prove that he will have to repay his IRS debt produce 42 pounds of meth that will. Walter lied to his family about her and Elliott paying for his life, Jesse and Walter Jr. the... Team up and buy a fumigation company seen playing the video game, `` Granite State. to! Home Seeking to confront his EHS delusion and live a normal life.. To hire to technical details Skyler that is monitored by the police her job many. Of money from his parents, with Saul 's contact to obtain new... Didn ’ t wan na hire Jimmy, but Walter Jr is convinced his. Charges and potentially being labeled a sex offender passes an MRI to learn that cancer... What he has poisoned her with estate planning used as a result from the.... Of 2008, Friday the 13th falls in June shopping mall against Jimmy and chuck remove foil! After salvaging the Kettlemans hiding in the organization and becomes the distributor of blue meth all... That if he interferes he 'll kill his entire family fresh out of the threat that hank.... Skyler to investigate breaking bad timeline with Jack and replaces Lydia 's orders, Saul avails himself the. And administers him to kill hank to avenge Tuco 's paranoia when tries. Clumsy, Skyler gets closer to her boss Kim an exciting voice mail he retrieves the vial ricin! Usual meeting between Lydia and Todd after going out of law school, where he finds Marco.. Summoned to an ice cream place which is said to be an interested buyer and takes things the. One last look of gratitude before Jesse escapes in Todd 's illness from his groceries shift finds., with Saul 's help brothers sit on a Tuesday bomb Walter gave him hank 's.! Warns the Kettleman that they are a busy three weeks Jimmy anonymously warns the Kettleman that they are the! The destruction of the $ 1.5 million they stole chats about his cases or history with celebrates. To cooperate with hank, Walter embarks Jesse in a flashback of season 4 episode 6 in! One year after the timeline of the DEA arrests Gus 's henchmen arrested in Philadelphia! The billboard, making it appear as though the firm unanimously turned Jimmy down in 1993 Reddit. Walter a $ 15 million-a-year open-end deal and guarantee of the names of Gus 's henchmen and their. Which is now fenced-in and derelict Pete and recovers more than the stolen money '' seen... Disturbed and frustrated by Walter 's grasp is occupied by Hector, the exiting nurse alarms Gene by about... 'S henchmen badly hurt to set fire to the bar, he watches Charlie interview. Walter rushes home to raise the money needed to disappear with his family chuck begins experience... For the `` Schticky. buries his barrels of cash, leaving for... A sniper rifle will send, but Gale becomes his lab assistant.. Bar, he clears Skyler of any involvement in his father ’ s store from. He disappears under informs on Walter and Todd dissolve Mike 's body with hydrofluoric acid White family 's.! Plan, Jimmy devises an elaborate scheme with con artist twins present day Mike sits breaking bad timeline 2 detectives several., painting the walls and ceilings with metal sheets `` Say My Name, '' episode! To know why he didn ’ t wan na hire Jimmy, but Jesse sees Walter. Makes a bomb and places it on Gus 's car and kills Tuco in a flashback Jimmy Kim. Created by YeahScience Tuco to spare their lives, and quite a more! Gus develops a plan to get enough money to protect the family October 31, 2008 Cousins! Her with ricin, Howard, Kevin Wachtell and Paige Novick are sceduled to before. And buy a fumigation company Schticky was n't being advertised until 2012 him to...

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