Catamaran Racing – Amakati

Cat Sailing 1Dear Amakati,

We had an excellent meeting of the Amakati on Sunday in the Foredeck at RNYC,  it was well attended. The philosophy behind our sailing was discussed with the need to comply fully with ISAF, world best practice and NOR’s while simultaneously promoting all forms of catamaran sailing, without isolating or excluding anyone. New ideas were discussed on fleet splits, multiple starts, what constitutes a class within a fleet split, the overall handicap results based on corrected offset factors and elapsed time, prizes per overall handicap winners, then per  start and class where qualification is attained.

Information on the ISAF initiated and endorsed “Small Catamaran Handicap Rating System” SCHRS was explained, their philosophies, how the measurement is done, what we are doing for an international listing. Also explained was how we can use the SCHRS calculator to determine any form of catamarans rating, done in minutes with measured data. All this info is on the web when typing in “SCHRS” into Google search. This is all fully transparent system, and anyone with any questions, doubts, anxieties should immediately go onto the ISAF, RYA or ACHRS to access the information, or approach myself where the system can be fully explained and shown physically how a boat is measured and how to use the calculator. Nothing is hidden, all is transparent.

Bill Ellen’s addressed the meeting explaining the importance of getting youth involved in Halcat sailing. He also spoke of the F14 development using initially a Halcat rig to produce a faster and more evolved catamaran cheaply and accessible to all. We also discussed that the Halcat will always be relevant in our sailing and will remain the boat of choice for entry level sailing.

We further also discussed the “non-Event” Halcat provincials where somehow, a small group of people decided to stage them at ISC, where 10 boats by close of registration had not been achieved. It was discussed that the communication of documents along with no electronic or other means of  communication to paid up class members was not done. The Halcat Fleet at RNYC has one of the strongest presences in Durban, with by far the most paid up class members and it was agreed that members should have been consulted. It was fortunate that the lack of wind at the provincials was the final straw that made the event a “non- event”,  as it was agreed we all need to decide where and when the re-sail should be sailed so all can support the event.

Report on Amakati exploits this past weekend

In regard to the act of sailing this past weekend on catamarans, I have received no report of any activity. So watch this space next week.

Forthcoming events Amakati events.

Woza Friday 8th April 16:30.

Bring torches as  some races may be sailed in the dark. We will have Alec McNamara manning Galaxy to provide assistance if required. Sandy, Alec and Margie will conduct the Race Management and we hope to  have 2 starts per race to achieve the ideas communicated at the Amakati meeting.

Please contact Phil Downing regarding braai packs required via WhatsApp Amakati group. Race entry is R70/boat which includes a “free” braai pack.

Hope to see a good turnout. First race is scheduled to start at 16:30 with a perfect high tide for sailing.

Waterfront Series Sunday 10th April at 12:00 – CANCELLED

THIS IS CANCELLED. It was never officially organised and the tides are actually not suitable for racing on Sunday. We would have had to start racing at 15:30. In fact the series as per NOR came to an end in March. The next series to be sailed will soon be communicated, but for now, sailing with the dinghies for the next 3 Saturdays at 14:00 is the plan.

RNYC Dinghy Series Saturdays 9th, 16th and 23rd April.

We  encourage all catamarans to come sailing in the dinghy series hosted by RNYC over the next 3 weekends. This is great racing in deep water starting promptly at 14:00 on Saturday.

SAS KZN Grandslam Richards Bay 30th April – 2nd May (long weekend)

This is the second in the series of 3 Grandslam’s being sailed around KZN. The first one was at Midmar in February and the final one will be in Durban in August.

It is open to all dinghies and catamarans. The plan was to sail offshore, but I have heard it will now be sailed in Richards Bay harbour due to complications with the control tower at the harbour. Margie has just received the regatta notices and will distribute them all to you shortly.

For those who have never sailed at Richards Bay, I must tell you that the camping, launching and overall facilities of Zululand Yacht Club are tops. The harbour is huge and we can sail with no interference of shipping. I strongly urge you all to get your catamarans to this event. Richards Bay has a large Dart fleet, so I shall be sailing my Dart. However, if we can get 5 Halcat’s going, that too will constitute a class. Where boats don’t make class a handicap fleet exists. Just be there!

So, I hope to see you on the water and around the club for “Serous Catamaran Sailing and Awesome Fun”.

Rob Samways