Catamaran Racing

20151108_135219Dear Amakati,

Remember, this coming Sunday 3rd April at 10:00 in the Foredeck, we have a brief meeting where we can achieve the following:

  1. Explain the NORs and SI’s that have governed all of our handicap racing for all of the Amakati racing since its inception.
  2. Consider suggestions to make sailing better, whilst not dropping standards, if anything raising the standard, accommodating everyone and developing more categories within the overall results structure.
  3. Discuss the past non-event Halcat Provincials and invite suggestions as to when and where we will be re-sailing the event.
  4. Discuss a couple of ideas for competent sailors with good boats to go sailing offshore occasionally on either Halcats or Darts or other,  with keeler’s on perhaps a long-haul offshore, wind dependent.
  5. Go sailing and enjoy a “long haul” to somewhere after the meeting.


Report on Amakati exploits this past weekend

Halcat Regional Championships 26-27th March hosted by ISC.

This ended up a disaster with only one race sailed over the entire event with no wind being a big problem. Prior to this however, due to inadequate advertising and other factors, the organisers were left  battling to get 10 boats entered and actually never had the full ten boats at close of registration, as the minimum SAS Championship requirement. Only one boat from RNYC, two from PYC and seven from ISC entered. No one came from Gauteng. They all bailed out at the eleventh hour.

This event will be re-sailed sometime this year. The calendar needs to be looked at to avoid clashes, the weather considered at a given time of year, holidays and many other factors that build up to producing a well-attended and successful event,  must all be looked at.

RNYC has 20 Halcats on her lawns, with some of the country’s leading Halcat sailors, members at RNYC. Would it not be brilliant if we could get all the RNYC Halcats, ISC Halcats, Bluff Halcats and a couple more from afar, we could end up with a fleet of 30 – 40 boats competing? We just need to decide the venue, but if kept local in Durban, numbers as stated here are possible, with some effort from the organisers.

Forthcoming events Amakati events.

Amakati Sailing Meeting followed by Informal Long-haul Sunday 3rd April at 10:00

Even if you don’t come sailing, please attend the meeting where we can voice and resolve any issues or concerns regarding catamaran sailing. It’s the correct forum in which to do this. (This is not a lawn parking debate, it will be a sailing debate.) We can then, weather dependant, decide where we are sailing to. I hope to take my daughter, Natasha, out from the UK, for a sail with me. So bring Darts, Halcats, Hobies etc.

Woza Friday 8th April 16:30.

This brilliant series sails again, but this time, you will need to bring torches to illuminate your boat as its getting dark a lot sooner. We will ensure on-the-water rescue as a precaution.

Waterfront Series Sunday 10th April at 12:00

More details on this closer to the time.

So, I hope to see you on the water and around the club for “Serous Catamaran Sailing and Awesome Fun”.

Rob Samways