Catamaran Sailing

Dear Amakati,

It gives me great pleasure to once again be involved in the management and promotion of catamaran sailing and racing. I have been co-opted onto the sailing committee to handle this portfolio with Carl Zimmerman resigning to pursue career opportunities overseas. I trust I shall receive all of your support in this endeavour, as quite frankly it is a time consuming task when done at a high standard, so avoid the antics of “white anting” and “bar politics” which will make the job unnecessarily soul destroying.

I look forward to injecting enthusiasm and vision into where we should be going, embracing and building on the past achievements whilst simultaneously moving forward to ensure interest, passion and growth is maintained in all forms of catamaran racing at RNYC and in Durban.

There are many ideas I have to ensure that newcomers are encouraged and enthused, new ideas considered, development of catamaran sailing in its many forms pursued, all without neglecting more localised needs for support and recognition, or the requirement to keep those sailing at the higher levels also satisfied. Some of this may only be possible in the new season, but we can start experimenting now.

We also need to develop more Race Officers and assistants to facilitate our racing. To this end, I invite suggestions of potential incumbents for development. For the short to medium term I will be using Sandy Samways and Alec McNamara to fulfill Race Officer functions,  which will include both shore based and water based race management. We need to again start using water based starts from a committee boat, especially in NE’terly winds, with a windward beat into the “Stuart Mark” as a solution to providing better and fairer racing outcomes in sandbank racing. The finish will always be kept off the lawns for spectator value.

It has come to my attention that there is misunderstanding as to scoring of different designs, rig setups, crew configurations etc.etc in our racing. This has always been clearly stated in the NOR’s supporting these events, so there should really be little confusion? We need to accommodate everyone as far as possible. To this end, I wish to hold a meeting with all interested parties to explain, hopefully allay any concerns, along with solutions. I suggest we do it on Sunday, 3rd April at RNYC at 10:00 and then go for a long-haul sail afterwards. More on this closer to the time.

Report on Amakati exploits this past weekend

Saturday 19th March at 14:00

We had brilliant wind of 10 -14 knots SW blowing as I rigged my boat, a solitary catamaran and F15 from RNYC getting ready to go sailing in the PYC dinghy series. (I believe there may have been others who would have joined in, but for hangovers?) Anyway, I joined Bill Ellens and Coert Grobbelaar, also sailing Halcats on the water, with 3 Hobe 14s and various low tech slow monohull type sailing craft! It was a brilliant days racing. Unfortunately, the photos are only of me!! You really missed a lot!

Sunday 20th March at 12:00

I arranged an informal “long-haul” on WhatsApp, for a sail down to Island Sailing Club. Newcomer to RNYC and Halcat sailing, Andy Brown (who had been in hospital the day before and apologised for not sailing!), Richard Potgieter, Neil Wadsworth and Linda Wadsworth pitched to sail. Neil and I shared info on boat setups, Richard coached Andy on catamaran techniques and Linda steeled herself/prepared for her first solo outbound sail on her Halcat.

The wind was a good 10knots gusting more from the SW as we set off. Neil stayed close with Linda coaching her all the way, whilst Andy, Richard and myself sailed everywhere and fast. We all got to Island, met the “locals”, had refreshments, then with a threatening big weather front approaching, Neil and Linda got going home, while the 3 of us waited longer before sailing to catch up. The wind built and we had a rewarding fast sail home.

Linda did a brilliant job on her first real solo and Neil was most proud of her. Andy showed us how really fast he potentially is. We all had a brilliant day. You really missed a lot!

Forthcoming events Amakati events.

Halcat Regional Championships 26-27th March.

This weekend, a few of us will support this event staged at ISC. More on this next week.

Amakati Sailing Meeting followed by Informal Long-haul Sunday 3rd April at 10:00

Even if you don’t come sailing, please attend the meeting where we can voice and resolve any issues or concerns regarding catamaran sailing. It’s the correct forum in which to do this. We can then, weather dependant, decide where we are sailing to. I hope to take my daughter, Natasha, out from the UK, for a sail with me. So bring Darts, Halcats, Hobies etc.

Woza Friday 8th April 16:30.

This brilliant series sails again, but this time, you will need to bring torches to illuminate your boat as its getting dark a lot sooner. We will ensure on-the-water rescue as a precaution.

Waterfront Series Sunday 10th April at 12:00

More details on this closer to the time.

Welcome to Catamarans

Welcome to Patrick Harris, the famous top F15 sailor, who has acquired a Halcat so he can sail with one of his sons. Welcome to fun, exhilarating and life changing sailing!! (Now we just need to get Jeremy Kriek sailing and involved in building F16 Catamarans!)

So, I hope to see you on the water and around the club for “Serous Catamaran Sailing and Awesome Fun”.

Rob Samways

Sailing 20.03.2016