Chas From Tas

Most Blue Water sailors around the World who have been active in Ocean Racing or long passage making over the last fifty years will undoubtedly recognize the name of Charles P. Blundell, better known as ‘Chas From Tas’.

Charles Blundell was born in Devon and has a family connection to Sir Francis Drake. He is descended from a maritime background, including ships captains, pilot captains and the master carvers of the naval dockyard at Plymouth in Devon His family emigrated to Tasmania when he was very young and he first went to see at age twelve. In his more than five decades at sea, he has worked on commercial fishing boats, ocean mining ships, exploration vessels and a reef diving submarine, but he is best known as an offshore sailor and delivery skipper, one of a very few delivery skippers ever to be insured by Lloyd’s of London.
He was one of the last of the celestial navigators and has raced on teams for the United States, Great Britain, Sweden, Hong Kong, Brazil and New Zealand in high profile yachting events, all over the world.
He has covered well over five hundred thousand nautical miles at sea (approximately one-and-a-half times the distance to the moon and back), has survived every possible nautical peril from typhoons to pirate attacks, is one of the greatest sea-faring adventurers in modern times, and is a legend in the yachting world.
He’s known in virtually every Blue Water sailing harbour on the planet, from Auckland to the Solent, from Hong Kong to Newport and all points of the compass between. As everyone who has ever had the pleasure of his acquaintance knows, he is a great raconteur and his life has been a constant litany of adventure and misadventure, hilarious mishaps, misunderstandings and fantastic dangers faced and overcome.
For the last ten years (between delivery passages) he has been working on his memoirs with his co-author Juliet Prentice.
‘The Adventures of Chas from Tas’ is finally at the publisher and will start rolling off the presses in the next few weeks. Here is a link to a pdf copy of a brochure providing more details of the book.
This note is intended to offer Members of your Yacht Club an opportunity to pre-order the book at a special reduced pre-publication price. A portion of the proceeds of all sales to Yacht Club Members worldwide will go to two Charities: Tracy Edwards’ ‘Maiden Rescue’ and ‘Lotus Outreach International’.
Additional details of the publication can be found on the Chas from Tas Facebook Page which also has a link to the Publisher’s Order Page.
Details of opportunities to have Chas come and speak at your Club will be available in due course.
I hope your Membership finds this informative and interesting. I guarantee the book (which has forewords by Sir Robin Knox Johnston and Sir James Hardy) is a great read and will surely become a Yachting Classic in due course.
We are still working on arrangements for autographed copies. In the meantime, I would be grateful of you would alert your Membership to this event and the opportunity to purchase an advance copy.
Thanks for your attention

Ian Dubin
On behalf of Charles ‘Chas from Tas’ Blundell and Juliet ‘Fruity’ Prentice