Lipton 2016 News – Orion B2G2

Lipton 2016 TeamBack Row L – R :  Paul Changuion, Byron Watt, Ricky Robinson (Skipper),  Thokozani Latha, Bradley Robinson.

Seated:      Sandy Samways (Manager), Kayleigh Greggory


Having the entire team here over two weekends in May, allowed for some serious training and boat work to take place. B2G2 was launched for the occasion and I am sure many of the members would have seen the team hard at work getting her ready.   Orion B2G2 is now safely back in her shed while she awaits her new trailer.  Our thanks and appreciation to Leon Swift for undertaking this enormous task, and to Rob Samways for the many hours  spent consulting and making sure the best possible trailer is made.  Of course none of this would be happening if it wasn’t for the incredible sponsorship received from Ellian Perch.

On Saturday, 21St May 2016, the entire Lipton 2016 team gathered upstairs in the Britannia Room to meet the club members before they leave to represent the club in the Lipton Cup 2016 in Cape Town from 8th to 15th July 2016.

The Commodore, Mr Graham Rose wished the team well on behalf of the club and Skipper,  Ricky Robinson introduced each team member and gave a brief break down of their various positions on the boat.  Members were then given the opportunity to mingle with the team and ask any questions before a wonderful dinner.  Avinash Beharie, Margie Harris and the rest of the RNYC team, put on an awesome buffet dinner which was greatly appreciated by the team and guests alike.

A comment made after the dinner “this team really makes me proud to be a member of RNYC”, epitomises the reason I have agreed to manage this very dedicated team.

Look out for us during June, when we hope to have the team sailing on one of the Pacers.