Message from the Galley

What is the nautical equivalent of trial by fire?  That is exactly what the long weekend was like for me here at the Club.  A big thank you for the warm welcome and the offers of help and support from so many members.  I will be taking you up on those offers and encourage the constructive criticism and suggestions to keep coming.  And speaking of criticism, please accept my apologies for our slow service delivery on Father’s Day.  We were absolutely inundated and it was clear that with a full Britannia serving buffet lunch upstairs and a full downstairs restaurant and lawn area we were simply stretched too thin.  We are aware of where the bottlenecks happened and we are tackling these areas to ensure that in future service runs a lot smoother – and faster! – than it did last Sunday.  I assure you that the entire team is busy working out the kinks.  It was great to see so many people enjoying the day here at the RNYC and I look forward to meeting many more of you here over the next few weeks.


Club Manager
Meleney Cunniff