Rear Commodore’s Report

With the season fast drawing to a close, we can reflect on another successful year of sailing.

Whilst the weather has been unpredictable at best, with either no wind or too much , Wednesdays Fun’d Sailing was a huge success with Carol, Margie, Kathy and the CANSA committee raising over R34,000 for this worthy project.

Keel boats remain a little disappointing with lack of participation frustrating both the Sailing Committee and the Rescue crews who put their weekends and family time aside to organize and run these events.

There remains only the completion of the Squadron Series of races  with the next event being the Two Ships Race on the 17th of April and another two following over the ensuing months. So if you’ve not sailed your keelboat ……Last Chance!!

Some of the reduction in keelboats could possibly be attributed to the keen participation by some of the keelboat skippers and crews in the Amakati Catamaran events which have exploded onto the scene!

This class, as visualised and motivated by Rob Samways and a few keen participants a couple of years ago, has grown in leaps and bounds and proved to be a huge success. It has not only created the visual spectacle we envisaged, but has drawn both members and public  to the lawns thereby assisting the club to maintain it’s high profile as the senior club in Africa. I expect that it will continue to grow and develop as new ideas are tested and given flight. It is important that we do not remain static and continue to keep this class exciting and interesting

The dinghy Winter series takes place on Saturday the 9th / 16th & 23rd of April. There have been some large fields of competitors over this series and I trust this will continue until completion in the ensuing weeks.

Thanks to my Sailing Committee , who have short-handedly managed to leap the hurdles and make a success of their portfolios as well as ensure that the other events, for which there are no class captains, also run. Thanks also to  Margie Harris who took over Kearin MacNamara’s position at very short notice, and week by week has managed to overcome the many obstacles in learning the ropes.

I do hope that you, the readers, will take note that the volunteers on Sailing Committee all give of themselves to make your sailing enjoyable. It becomes very difficult when we are short-handed and  it’s always the same faces who are seen at the coal-face.

If you have an interest in what goes on or would like to join the committee for next season – please contact Margie Harris and volunteer your name.



Rear Commodore