Use of the East Hard

Members are to please note the arrangements for the use of the east hard.

All RNYC members have access rights to this area. Access discs are available from reception.

There are however working arrangements which are in force and must be adhered to.

Power boats making use of the facility must be Rod and Reel members. This is an imperative as the Rod and Reel committee are responsible to the Port for users of this facility.

Obviously occasional use may be negotiated with the approval of the club as well as the Rod and Reel committee who are responsible for all the activity at this site. We stress however that this is a relaxation for isolated instances only.

maintenance (anti fouling, painting etc) is also not allowed at this facility unless there is a compelling reason and approval of RNYC management and Rod and Reel is forthcoming.

Also note that no vessels may be left on the hard without specific sanction by RNYC and Rod and Reel.

We cannot allow unrestricted use of this facility as this will result in bona fide users being unable to use the facility.

If in doubt, before using the area, please refer to club management.


Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated



Keith brodie

Vice Commodore RNYC