Wednesday Night Fun’d Series – 24 February 2016

Ahoy there– can you believe it, we only have THREE RNYC Wednesday Night Fun’d races to go till end of March. WOW – this season has flown – had a chat to the Big Man upstairs and he has promised wind for tomorrow night – green Tee shirts if possible please: This Wednesday Therapy are supporting us on the committee boat order and are sponsoring the prizes – thank you Therapy team – U R ****

In two week’s time – 9th March – Blue Tee shirts for the month of March – Chris Frost has kindly volunteered to sponsor our prizes and Horst Keil will be on Committee boat. Then 23rd March Neptune’s Nymph are in charge and that will bring our Wednesday Fun’d sailing to an end and our CANSA drive – we are hoping to be able to hand over a nice cheque that evening – all being well – A BIG sincere thank you to all of our generous donations. Our Leader Board is growing.

And on a more serious sailing note – a crowd of us loyal Royals set off to Midmar Dam for the Rooster 9 hour challenge. We were very quiet on Friday night(really) and sat around chatting. Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny and there was wind. Derek Wilkes welcomed everyone and Rob Bell then gave us the briefing – even though we sail the Dam every year, we still need to ask questions.

As this note re 9hour is purely from my point of view – I stand to be corrected.

Our Halcat team consisted of Richard Potgieter and myself, together with Jennifer Weyer and Sue Williams ( sue’s first time sailing) ! sorry Sue. The start was set for 9.30am and Richard and I set off – the postponement flag was flying – the wind was blowing – what is the problem – I later discovered the committee boat was short a flag pole and had sent to shore for one – OH No. I counted approx. 40 boats – all mixed from little girls sailing terras to old Ballies on Halcats, Darts, Hobies, hunters etc. The Miller family on Cheers with Phil and his team: there were 6 buoys to round and the wind seemed to be coming in Westerly direction from Morgans Bay. We rounded our first mark and made our way to the next closer to the Dam wall where the wind was blowing harder and there were a couple of really tight roundings with Gordon de Beer and his crew Wayne vying for water. Richard kept his head and me upright and our eyes on our next marks. I didn’t expect the wind to be quite so hard and had a problem with a slipping jib sheet but held on until we did our required laps. At 11am we changed over to Jennifer and Sue and pointed out the wind changes to look out for. During this time Rob S and Graham Weyer, were sailing Dart, as was the Wadsworth family and Carl and his Dad . – they were fast and managed to stay upright the whole way. Unfortunately Neil and Gavin’s boat had to have a couple of repairs but they pressed on. Steve H and Roger Hill were also sailing a halcat but I lost track of where everyone was – keeping upright was my main concern – thank you Richard for your patience.
The changeover was between 3 and 4 – Starboard round 4 and all other marks to port. Wow the best wind we have had in a long time at Midmar. Richard and I did 3 laps – we had to sign off after our laps and that was a trek up the hill – I am definitely out of shape: then Jennifer and Sue 2 – Richard and I again 2 laps, then Jennifer and Sue went out and the buster came through and the mist – Jennifer took evasive action and pulled into the shore on the other side of the dam to wait until the storm passed – The rescue duck finally made its way over to them – there had been a lot of capsizing so they were kept very busy – Sue was able to go in the duck back to shore and a crew jumped on board with Jennifer to finish her lap. By this time – Rob Bell, in his wisdom had called off the racing for the day as the wind changed direction during the course of the day about 3 times then the buster came through from the South at approx. 1.30

RNYC were well represented and the first three prizes went to Carl/Martin, Rob/Graham, The Wadsworth family team – then a Hobie 16 and Patrick and Jeremy on FF15 Figjam. WELL DONE GUYS sterling effort in trying conditions.

All in all it was WET WET WET but good fun and we all had stories of varying size and excitement to tell over OBS and red wine. Thank you to all for making the effort. And the TEAM WORK.

Yours – as always in Sailing
Carol the Old duck on the Bay